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April 22, 2008

Transcript of interview with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano

Sen. ASC: Unless a new witness steps forward, then we will consider hearing kung substantial, as far as the cash out giving is concerned, we have sent out letter to those who have claimed that sila yung nagbigay and ask them under oath to answer those allegations. We have also sent out letter sa North Rail and South Rail, I'll release copies tomorrow, but they have not answered yet. So, because we want to follow the line, first in first out, sa Blue Ribbon, gusto naming umpisahan yung North at South rail.

Q: Sabay ba, parallel track?

Sen. ASC: Parallel track, unang hearing yung North, after that yung South but much less ang hearing ng North Rail kasi marami ng naganap na hearing dati, hindi lang nagkaroon ng conclusion.

Q: Ano yung target date? June?

Sen. ASC: Kung hindi next week, the week after. We're just waiting kung ZTE may mangyari.

Q: Anong nangyari kay Ruben Reyes?

Sen. ASC: We called him up two weeks ago, and they asked for an extension dahil nasa China pa. Actually they did not ask but told us that he won't be here yet. And since there's a question as to the effectivity of our rules, we took it as more prudent, that we don't insist on a hearing where the witnesses are uncooperative while there's a question on the rules. I am waiting for the recommendations of our lawyers, which will finish by tomorrow or thursday, whether to publish the rules in the mean time, as long as it does not affect the case, as long as it does not weaken our case.

Q: 'Di ba parang umiiwas si Ruben Reyes?

Sen. ASC: Well definitely, kung gusto naman nilang mag-attend dapat matagal na nag-attend at tinapos ito. Now, as far as the swine issue is concerned, na-refer ito sa Agri, so secondary kami, but we're ready. So, anytime na sabihin ng Agri. Committee that they want to take it up, at least yung aspect ng anomalya at ng COA i-ready rin namin.

Q: Decision ng Blue Ribbon yun?

Sen. ASC: Hindi. Desisyon ng Floor, ng Secretariat. Hindi usually, unless may mag-ask ng reconsideration.

Q: Since final report na yung pinag-uusapan... yung sa ZTE.

Sen. ASC: Ang sinasabi ko yung na-refer sa agri., yung sa swine.

Q: Hindi, balik ako dun sa ZTE. Yung desisyon niyo sa ZTE, nadesisyunan na ba ng Blue Ribbon Committee?

Sen. ASC: No. I've talked to the other members and chairmen na not everyone within sit-down together but halimbawa you talk to Senator Lacson and others, kasi marami sa amin umaasa pa na may lalabas na magbibigay ng direct link between some people in Malacanang and the deal to show na lahat ng nangyari ngayon, is parang indirectly, will point at the President had a direct hand, her being there in the signing, sinabi na sa kanya hindi pa niya binawi. But there's been talk about a couple of witnesses, hindi lang isa, who can directly say na hindi - talagang minaniobra ito ng Malacanang, ng pangulo na i-approve ito. Marami sa amin ang umaasa na lalabas pa yung witness na yun. But I told them I can't wait forever. To save time, we will be distributing yung transcript to all the senators and tell them let's start making the report, pero 'pag dumating yung witness

Q: Saan po nakalagay ung transcript?

Sen. ASC: Nilagay ko na lng sa CD.

Q: Ilang CDs?

Sen. ASC: I'll give you a copy. Isang CD lang naman e, maliit lang kasi yung file. Pero napakahaba nung pages, siguro thousands.

Q: Ilang volume yun?

Sen. ASC: Yung sa oral arguments pa lang is already 700 pages ata, one day lang yun sa kanila, e tayo naka-mahigit eight hearings na tayo. But what's more important than the actual findings, or as important is ano yung ma-re-recommend namin na hindi na ito mauulit ulit. Unless we can come up with substantial reforms, it will prove the point that that's a waste of time. But if we can come up with substantial recommendations and actually pass it sa senate, how to handle the Foreign Borrowings Act, yung Procurement Law, yung Witness Protection, etc. all of that, then it would actually do good in preventing future dealings like this, kasi kung i-co-consider mo yung North Rail, South Rail, iyan, at yung iba, iisang modus e, the same with foreign loans. Actually, this report will also have an effect dun sa ibang investigations na loan din ang ginawa.

Q: Sinong in-invite niyo sa South rail?

Sen. ASC: Ang starting point ng resolution na finile na Sen. Lacson is really the testimony of Mr. Lozada, which is the names na binigay niya but I heard that there are also documents. So what we did, from different sources. So we're asking him, we're trying to get copies of that, but in the mean time, we wrote yung authorities, yung government side.

Q: So you're taking his word that he cobbled up the field, he was familiar with that kasi he's the one who package it?

Sen. ASC: I'm proceeding from the basis of the resolution and the resolution takes it up from Mr. Lozada's testimony.


Sen. ASC: The committee is trying to put up certain conditions and reservations. So if I am satisfied with the reservations, then I can go for it. But if I'm not satisfied with the reservations, I still will opt to vote "no" for it.

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