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August 26, 2008

CPR necessary to save RP forests -- Loren

Considering the wanton destruction mankind has inflicted on our forests, our nature is already on the verge of death that it needs a CPR.

No, not the cardio pulmonary resuscitation doctors apply on dying patients, but conservation, protection and restoration necessary.

According to Senator Loren Legarda, this CPR is necessary for our dying forests which need to be resuscitated, nurtured and protected from the senseless attack by the spendthrift.

"The prodigality of the people who squander their substance for the pleasure of the fleeting moment must be restrained for the less spectacular but surer policy which protects nature's wealth for future generations" she said.

"It's a only a matter of time when one morning we will wake up to find out that our forests and our natural resources are all but gone, hence we need a CPR now," Legarda.

In carrying out these three important missions of conservation, protection and restoration, Legarda said there is a need to disseminate information intended to educate the whole citizenry on the importance of preserving and protecting our natural wealth.

"It will help a lot if we state now the gravity of the problems facing our nature and forests, and their consequences to the people and the generations to come," Legarda pointed out.

Legarda is one of the authors of environmental awareness on education act, although she cited the many laws on the preservation and protection of the environment since 1977 which are not properly implemented, including solid waste management, clean air act, clean water act, anti-smoke belching law, and law on tree planting.

Legarda also called on the Department of Education (DepEd) to give strong considerations to tree planting and develop forest parks. Legarda also said she may have to organize a competition of sort among campuses and local government units where the best forest parks will be acknowledged.

"We have to create awareness so that people will continue to plant trees. Now is the time to address this grave problem. We could perhaps start this endeavor by inculcating into the minds of the pupils the importance of tree planting, forest preservation and protection," she said.

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