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September 2, 2008


Senator Richard J. Gordon today called on the Filipino youth to be proud of the country's rich history as he urged them to look back at its victories than defeats and the brave and courageous people behind them.

Gordon made the exhortation as he led the 112th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Imus highlighted by the unveiling ceremony of a marker in honor of Colonel Jose Tagle in his birthplace at Bayan Luma, Imus, Cavite.

"We are a nation that has forgotten our heroes. We bask in victimization. We only remember defeats and we fear to look back at our past. But that is not the way we should view our history. We have to look at history from our victories and not defeats. We must look back at our history without fear and inhibition," Gordon said.

On September 1896, Tagle led some 1,000 guerilla volunteers from Imus and Kawit in fighting the strong Spanish forces from Manila then massing off Bacoor. His successful feat paved the way for Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo to defeat Spanish General Ernesto de Aguirre.

The three-day historic Battle of Imus that unified Cavitenos is considered as the "first victory" that salvaged the Philippine revolution from near collapse.

Gordon, the great grandson of Col. Jose Tagle, said these events in the Philippine history and the people behind them should always remain in the minds and hearts of the Filipino people, especially the young generation, to keep flame and fervor of nationalism burning.

"We should look back at our history and how our forefathers fought for our nation's democracy. Let us make them our models and exemplify the kind of patriotism that they had. Our history is our identity, and we should be proud of it," Gordon said.

According to him, Col. Tagle has painted a picture of who we must be as a peopleódignified, patriotic, and ready to stand ground in defense of our freedom and democracy.

Gordon had embraced these same traits when as chief local executive of Olongapo City had turned his hometown from Sin City to Model City and had risen from the successive disasters of the Mount Pinatubo eruption and the abandonment of the Subic Naval base.

As a first-term lawmaker, Gordon has been shepherding the passage into law of several measures aimed at reforming the country's political system, the most recent of which is the Amended Automated Elections Law which he authored.

He has also been pushing to revert the original name of Luneta to "Bagong Bayan" to signify that the Philippines is a nation of brave men and women who can once again be great.

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