Press Release
December 31, 2008

Gordon rushes to aid burn victims during holidays

Sensing the rice broth, known in the vernacular as "am", she was cooking was ready, Lina Molina stood up to pour the simmering liquid from the kettle into a milk bottle and that's when disaster struck.

Before she could approach the kettle, her grandson, one-year-old Jim Baldelobar had gotten hold of and pulled the pipe that fed the gas burner where the kettle was simmering.

The hot, sticky broth fell all over little Jim's face and body, dealing severe burns and putting him in a life threatening situation.

Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) Chairman Sen. Richard J. Gordon rushed to the Quirino Memorial Medical Center with PNRC Governor Rosa Rosal upon learning of Jim's ordeal.

He assured the child's parents that he, together with the PNRC, would ensure that all medical assistance would be provided.

"It is particularly heart rending for me because I have a new grandchild and I took a great part in looking after my children," Gordon said.

"Seeing your child hurt deals the most excruciating pain imaginable and we only hope we can help little Jim get well," he added.

Apart from Jim, Gordon also assured that other burn victims, like Jasmin Huyera whose two children died in a fire, would be provided assistance in securing blood and other medical needs.

A ventilator will also be provided to Salvador Lagon, a fisherman from Bataan who also has burn injuries.

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