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May 1, 2009

Gordon elated over pledges of support

Independent Senator Richard J. Gordon today said he was elated over the outpouring of pledges of support by people from various sectors and different provinces during the recent Grand Launching and National Convention of the Bagumbayan Movement - Volunteers for a New Philippines.

Gordon, whose views gave birth to Bagumbayan, said it is very heartwarming to learn that his ideas have fanned a great deal of zeal among people that prompted them into voluntarily pledging support.

"It is very heartening that people from all walks of life have expressed willingness to contribute towards the realization of the Bagumbayan's vision of a nation that is ennobled, enabled and free," he said.

"I take this as a sign that my ideas and beliefs have been gaining ground through the decades. People are already awakening to the need for transformation," he added.

Around 2,000 delegates of the newly-launched Bagumbayan Movement have contributed about P4 million as a concrete support to the organization's quest to bring about genuine change in the country.

At its recent Grand Launching and National Convention in the Manila Hotel, ordinary people from all walks of life and corner of the country have willingly given financial contributions to the movement.

Based on initial report of financial contributions, members, friends, and supporters of Bagumbayan who are ordinary businessmen, professionals and employees alike were able to raise P17 million for the Bagumbayan, including sales from its materials.

Donations to Bagumbayan ranged from P8,000 to as high as P2,2500,000, either individually or collectively.

Gordon said the funds Bagumbayan has collated would be used for the nationwide consultations among the Filipino electorate, the placement of tri-media advertisements, among others, aimed at educating them about the vision and agenda of Bagumbayan.

"People are stakeholders of change. Their contribution, irrespective of the amount, is indicative that they are part and parcel of the whole process of change, that they are the party. Bagumbayan is the party of the people," he said.

"The funds generated from our Grand Launching will be used to conduct more grassroots consultation and to place nationwide advertisements aimed at disseminating the movement's vision and agenda," he added.

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