Press Release
August 20, 2009


If Fernando Poe, Jr. were with us today, he would have celebrated his seventieth birthday, as always, with family, friends, and his legion of fans.

One of the most influential figures in Philippine cinema, Da King touched the lives of many people even before running for the presidency in 2004. A prolific and outstanding actor who won the most best actor awards from FAMAS, he would not need his acting skills in 2004--as his genuine concern for Filipinos of all walks of life was apparent as he went around the country to campaign against a government that was as crooked and menacing as the villains he faced in his movies.

It is said that life imitates art, and in FPJ's case that was true. He played tough, honest heroes who fought for the common tao; and as someone aspiring for the most powerful office in the land, he exhibited those same qualities, and was supported by millions of his countrymen.

There are those who would say that it is unfortunate that his campaign for the presidency did not turn out like one of his movies--for in 2004, it appeared that the villains had won the day. As his spokesperson then, I know that he would have told us not to lose hope for, like in the movies, good will ultimately triumph over evil.

Happy birthday, Idol. You can be assured that, as one of your movies says, "Hindi Pa Tapos Ang Laban!"

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