Press Release
December 3, 2009


In his recent sponsorship of the 2010 national budget, Sen. Edgardo J. Angara stressed the need for bigger funds to go into the education, agriculture, health and renewable energy sectors to help the country's recovery from the current global crisis.

"The 2010 budget is vital for the national economy, especially as the whole world is recovering from the financial crisis. To facilitate this recovery, we need to improve our education system, enhance and maximize our natural resources and harness our alternative energy sources to wean us from excessive dependence on imported oil," conceded Angara, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance.

The Senate's allocation for DepEd is P162.1 B and public universities and colleges will receive P21.7 B. The DA will be getting P38 B; the DOH a slightly increased P28.9 B; the DOE P665 M; and the DENR to be allocated P11.7 B.

In terms of sectoral allocations, the Senate version of the budget specifically for the economic and social sectors has the highest appropriation, with P380.3 B and P491.1 B, respectively.

Furthermore, with Angara's thrusts to improve the country's science, technology, engineering and research capacities, the DOST's national budget is increased to P5.2 B. He links the DOST's goals for R&D development to the improvement of the education system that he hopes to produce more Filipino scientists and engineers. He emphasized that with the need to maintain a level of growth for the country, there has to be infrastructure, capacities and human capital development involved.

Angara has been a staunch advocate for economic recovery, environmental protection, education and health care improvement and agricultural development. "I am hopeful that with an increased budget for these sectors, we will be able to maximize our country's natural and human resources, and propel our national economic and social progress in 2010," Angara concluded.

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