Press Release
January 1, 2010

New Year's Message of Senator Loren Legarda

With a year of difficult crises and challenges behind us now, we embark anew not only on another calendar year but also on a new decade that could be the most daunting ever to humanity.

The climate challenge prevails. The climate crisis persists. We cannot afford to be complacent. We need to act now.

Let 2010 be the time for world leaders to transcend territorial boundaries and unite to save the environment and protect the poor who suffer most from its destruction.

Let this be the time to translate all commitments to stand against climate change into big determined steps for the survival of humanity.

Let this be the time for the industrialized to lead major progress on clean energy and climate protection and to provide the most vulnerable populations the resources and means to avoid, minimize and cope with the impact of the changing climate.

In so doing, let this be the time to uphold peace. For where there is hunger, poverty, death and destruction of poor nations, there will be no peace.

Let this be the time for national leaders to accelerate action: improve urban governance, enhance rural livelihood and protect ecosystems to arrest the vicious cycle of disasters and poverty.

Let this be a time for everyone to be the voices for change, in the choices we make and in the decisions we take.

Let 2010 usher a decade of empowered leaders, ready to take up the cudgels and fight for our future.

Let these be our firm resolve for the New Year.

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