Press Release
January 21, 2010


CEBU CITY - Sen. Loren Legarda today lauded Cebu's tourism program as one that should be emulated by other regions and provinces in the country to stimulate tourism as a means for raising local incomes and attracting investments.

Loren made the observation while participating in the Suroy Suroy Sugbu, consisting of a tour of Cebu's historical, cultural and natural attraction sites of interest to domestic and foreign tourists.

Loren said that the tour, led by Cebu Governor Gwen Garcia, was "very educational, culturally and spiritually enriching and boosted my pride in the history, culture and traditions of Cebu and our beautiful Philippines."

Loren said she would promote the idea of the Suroy Suroy to other provinces and regions of the countries which have similarly beautiful, cultural and historical sites that would attract tourists, both domestic and foreign.

"Tourism is not only a means of attracting foreign capital to boost our economic development, it is also a means of boosting the pride of the Filipino in his country, and of arousing local interest in improving the environment by caring for and enhancing beautiful surroundings like beaches, mountains, forests and rivers." Loren said.

Loren lauded the provincial government led by Governor Garcia and the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry for initiating the program that would strengthen the pride of the Cebuanos as well as all Filipinos in their rich history and cultural heritage.

Loren said that the Suroy Suroy or tour enabled local people, Filipinos from other regions and foreign tourists to acquaint themselves with the rich heritage of the province in the form of culture, history and natural endowments, and to make new discoveries of places of interest.

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