Press Release
January 24, 2010


"Calls by Senators Cayetano and Pimentel for Senator Enrile to resign border on the absurd and insane. Truth is, Villar wants to stop the Senate report censuring him for his role in the C-5 scam which may lead to plunder charges. If he has any shred of delicadeza left, Senator Villar should resign for bringing disgrace to the Senate's integrity because of his masterminding the C-5 corruption scandal. The constitutional vacuum argument is merely an alarmist's cover up a for what seems to be Villar's intention to cheat and manipulate the canvassing of the election results. The Villar lackeys want Senator Enrile to resign to be able to put a puppet Senate Pres. of their choice to control the national canvassing of votes in favour of their evil candidate, a la GMA, ("Noted...noted"). We should thank and support the Senate President for his principled stand."

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