Press Release
February 1, 2010

Statement of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano on the Ratification of Freedom
of Information Bill (SB 3308)

(SEN. ALAN PETER CAYETANO, Principal Sponsor)

The ratification of FOI and eventual signing into law will usher in a new era of transparency and accountability.

We encourage our countrymen to take full advantage of their right to access information and to make government open and accountable.. It is only through open government as well as a well informed and empowered citizenry that democracy can be broadened and deepened in the Philippines.

Moreover, open and accountable government is also key to achieving the good governance crucial for sustained and economic progress. Where there is transparency and accountability in government we can be certain that it will be more legitimate and representative, truly deserving the support of the people.

FOI will allow all Filipinos to access information in all government transactions and empower them to become graft busters.

The historic passage of this law signals the start of our meaningful journey towards good governance and deepening democracy in our country.

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