Press Release
February 12, 2010


In the course of my visit today in Divisoria, I conducted a spot dialogue with the jeepney drivers and pedicab drivers on oil price increases. And as a result, If elected as President, I shall make it as my prioity to immediately rescind the oil deregulation law and :

1.  To support transport worker health and safety and fight global warming by pushing for a major
     shift to environmentally-friendly fuels or energy in transport.

2.  Stop the oil cartels from engaging in manipulative price adjustments in the market.

3.  Stop the extortion of "tong" by police and traffic officers from public transport drivers and
     severely punish the perpetrators.

4.  To push for the development of Filipino-controlled transport input industries, including energy
     and comprehensive automotive equipment manufacturing, not merely assembly

Now is the time to push for a genuine people's agenda that values more their interest rather than big business.

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