Press Release
February 12, 2010


The 64-year old Liberal Party today said it is confident that it will be re-accredited as the dominant minority party in the 2010 elections, being the leading true opposition party in the country.

"Tuminding at patuloy na titindig ang mga Liberal para sa tuwid at tapat, at laban sa baluktot at tiwali sa gobyerno. Sa mga Liberal, tiyak ang asenso (The Liberals stood and continues to stand for the straight and the honest, versus the crooked and the corrupt in government. With the Liberals, progress is assured)," said Senator Mar Roxas, Liberal Party President.

In a petition filed today before the Commission on Elections (Comelec) En Banc, the party said even as the Arroyo Administration tried to split or even annihilate the party in revenge for its constant and unrelenting fight against its abuses and corruption of its cabal, the Liberal Party has kept most of its incumbent members and has recruited even more in its fight for what is right.

"Despite efforts to muzzle the True Opposition and to prevent the imminent people's victory, the Liberal Party has fielded the most number of candidates in the National and Local Elections in May 10, 2010 among all opposition or supposedly opposition parties," the LP said in its petition.

Under the Omnibus Election Code, the dominant minority party status is accorded to the opposition party with the most number of candidates being fielded, the most number of incumbent party-members, and the longest and most extensive track record in public service. The dominant minority party is entitled to a copy of election returns, now known as electronic returns.

The Liberal Party is banking on its "outstanding track record, its present political and organizational strength and its being a proven genuine opposition party" as compelling factors as to why the Comelec should accord LP the dominant minority party status.

"Political parties come and go, but none has exuded the endurance and steadfastness that has characterized the Liberal Party from the time of its foundation on 19 January 1946 and until the present challenging period of our beloved nation," according to the petition.

The Liberal Party, which is supporting the presidential and vice-presidential bid of Senators Noynoy Aquino and Roxas and is fielding a complete slate of 24 senatorial candidates in this year's elections, was accorded the dominant minority party status in the 2007 national and local elections.

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