Press Release
February 14, 2010

On Valentine's Day

As the country celebrates the day of love, Senator Loren Legarda calls on Filipinos to renew their love for the environment.

"Love of the environment translates to love for people. By taking care of the earth, our only home, we take care of the people we love," she said.

"We must address climate change now. Our environment has suffered too much degradation. Do we want our loved ones to live in an environment where there is flood, hunger and poverty?"

"The time to act is now and we should work together for the people we love and for the future generation. Lets us take care of our home, surroundings and environment. If not for us but for the people who matters to us and for the generations to come, let's make the world better," said Loren who chairs the Senate Committee on Climate Change.

Further, "Leaders of this country should rethink the approach on pursuing development vis-à-vis climate risks and the impacts of natural disasters. We need to revisit our current framework and strategies for socio-economic development to fully address the threat posed by climate change to our communities."

Loren, author AND SPONSOR of landmark legislations like the Climate Change Act and Solid Waste Management to address the most pressing environmental issues of our time, also called for improved local governance.

She also created the Luntiang Pilipinas, the Philippine partner of the United Nations Environment Programme in its Billion Tree Campaign. Today, it has planted and grown almost two million trees nationwide.

"Now is the time for us to show our passion for the environment and create a better world for our loved ones," said Loren.

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