Press Release
February 25, 2010


Visiting Camp Capinpin yesterday to meet with the 43 detained medical trainees, Senator Loren Legarda urged the AFP to expedite the investigation to determine whether the detainees are indeed members of the NPA, and barring any proof, to release the detainees at the soonest time.

"AFP should do two things right away: first, look into the allegations of torture by their men and punish them if found guilty, and second, expedite the investigation to determine whether there was legal basis to keep the Morong 43 detained," Loren told the officers at the Camp.

"We are not under Martial Law. We cannot tolerate this practice. We cannot allow our soldiers to be doing this," she said.

Before the media, the AFP officers admitted to having blindfolded the detainees on the way to the Camp but denied any sexual abuse or torture.

"Why are they still detained? If we cannot prove they are members of the NPA, they have no reason to be detained here," she said.

Loren added, "the anti-subversion law has been revoked in 1992. Therefore, the 43 cannot be charged even if they are found to have any association with the NPA"

"This is not just an issue of whether they are NPA. More than that, it is our capacity as a government to launch an objective investigation and follow due process of law that is on the line," said Loren, a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve Corps.

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