Press Release
February 27, 2010


For the second time in two weeks, brownouts hounded the campaign of LP standard bearer Senator Noynoy Aquino in Mindanao.

Aquino, who arrived here Saturday afternoon after visiting General Santos City Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, said he can only hope the brownouts were not intentional.

"We just came from General Santos City. Our introductions had barely been made when the power went out. And then again when I was interviewed at a radio station, I barely said 'Good morning' when the power went out. I can only hope this was not intentional and that this is part of the rotating brownouts in some parts of Mindanao," he said.

But Aquino also noted that when he and running mate Sen. Manuel Roxas II campaigned recently in Pasig and Marikina Cities, the power also went out.

Yet, he said that when President Arroyo was in Cebu recently, the power suddenly "normalized." A brownout had marred Aquino's visit to Sultan Kudarat province earlier this month, when he was about to address a students' assembly.

Meanwhile, Aquino urged his supporters here to work for clean elections in May by putting the "fear of God" in those who want to manipulate the results.

"You have an administration serving for close to 10 years by the end of its term, and still has not resolved the issue of a questionable mandate and will be in effect shepherding us towards a transition. So it is incumbent upon us to maximize the lead to perhaps put the fear of God on those who want to manipulate the forthcoming elections," he said.

"We have to be vigilant and we have to maximize our numbers especially not just campaign or voting," he added.

He also reminded the Commission on Elections that they are not just presiding over an electoral exercise.

"There is the future that all of us will either share or be suffering from if they do not take a more proactive role and assure the public of fair and honest election," he said.

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