Press Release
March 3, 2010

"I will be an accessible President"
Gordon wants 24-hour gov't offices to attend to people's concerns

(Cebu City)-Bagumbayan-Volunteers for a New Philippines Party standard bearer Sen. Richard Gordon today said that when elected president, he will impose that key government offices, including the Office of the President, will be open 24 hours a day.

Gordon said that the first step in curbing corruption is the prompt reporting of the incident, adding that a 24-hour government office would ensure that the people can report all sorts of crime at any time of the day.

"When I am president and Bayani Fernando is vice president, we will have an office that is 24 hours available, not just in the Office of the President but also in every city hall, and in key public institutions. That way, people can report right away crimes and even inefficient government officials and employees," he explained.

The Bagumbayan Party presidential candidate said that eradicating corruption is a two-way scheme. The government must go after the culprits, but the public must also "blow the whistle" when they see something irregular or illegal.

He added that he would be a president that is very accessible to the people so that when the public's concerns are not given proper and immediate attention, they can go straight to the president.

"If, for example, a police officer is crooked and the chief of police does not do anything about it, you can text the president and you can be assured that I will have an office that would immediately attend to your concerns," Gordon said.

"Crime and corruption are eradicated when there is effective governance, which could be attained if the government is focused, fast, friendly, flexible, and forward-looking-the kind of government that you will have under a Gordon-Bayani administration," he concluded.

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