Press Release
March 4, 2010

"Arroyo's No-Fly Zone Will Not Stop The People's Campaign"

"If it is true that Malacañang intentionally uses the No-Fly Zone policy to derail Senator Aquino's campaign activites, they should know that no kind of harassment will defeat the resolve of millions of Filipinos to fight for change that is being represented by Noynoy Aquino's candidacy.

"We will not let such an obstacle to get in the way of our desire for a clean and honest government, and we will continue to do so all the way to May 2010. They are sorely mistaken to think that they can go against the might of change and reform.

"Our only advice to them is this: Do not get in the way of the people's movement for change. Step aside now or feel the wrath of the people who are angry and tired of this corrupt system."

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