Press Release
April 22, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara brushed aside accusations that he was the mastermind behind the press conference of Andal Ampatuan Jr. earlier this week.

"That is completely ridiculous and baseless. I do not know anyone from the prison facility in Taguig. You can check my phone records, I have not made any calls nor written any letters to orchestrate the press conference for Andal Ampatuan," said Angara.

According to Angara, it is unfortunate that the Liberal Party has succumbed to barking at any direction to divert the issue of Ampatuan's endorsement.

"They said they have received reports that I was behind the press conference. I wish they examined its veracity first before lashing out baseless accusations. As leaders of the country, we have a big role in nation-building, especially in educating our fellow citizens of the national issues and our legislative agenda. And as such, we have to protect our credibility as a body. It's not good for the public to see their legislators hurling stones at each other," Angara said.

"Even what they said about my support for Villar has no leg to stand on. My party, the LDP (Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino) has expressed its support for Senator Legarda as its vice president. We do not back any presidential candidate up to now," said Angara.

He also urged the candidates to end the mudslinging and character assassinations. "The campaign gimmickry should stop. It is a disservice to our nation, and it derogates our democracy. We want our voters to cast an informed, educated vote, one that is based on platform and not on who seems to be the lesser evil."

Angara is the longest-serving senator since the EDSA Revolution. He has built a solid reputation as a legislator, having authored landmark laws on health, education, senior citizens, finance and science and technology.

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