Press Release
May 2, 2010


NP-NPC-LDP vice presidential bet Loren Legarda remains unfazed by the surveys, saying it is the people's votes - not the surveys - that will decide the election outcome.

"Surveys are not accurate nor representative of the real sentiment of the people. In 1998, when I first ran for Senator, the surveys put me at number 17. Come D-Day, I was at number one," she said.

Legarda is the only female senator who has topped the Senate race twice, in 1998 with over 15 million votes and in 2007 with over 18 million votes.

She added that survey respondents are pre-determined and have an urban bias.

"Surveys are used by politicians for trending purposes. It only confuses the electorate. Outside NCR, the surveys don't matter as much. Even people I meet in the campaign tell me not to believe in the surveys," Legarda said.

"The true survey is out there, on the ground. You can see and feel it with the overwhelming reception by the people," she said.

Legarda dominates all rivals for VP in the Class D and E category. She has also gained massive following from the farmers, fisherfolk, indigenous peoples, youth, senior citizens, and women's sector.

The only female candidate running for the vice presidency, Legarda says she takes advantage of the campaign to educate voters about the most pressing issues of the day including poverty and hunger, unemployment and climate change.

"Even with only 8 days left in the campaign, we are still hard at work to bring national issues to the electorate and help them make an informed choice come election time," said Legarda.

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