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May 4, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile's interview with Senate Reporters

Q: Sir, there's a word now, that the Iglesia ni Cristo is going to support Noynoy?

SP: That will have an effect on Noynoy's candidacy, but that will not change the position of Erap in relation to Villar. It is now between Noynoy and Erap. I do not know how much Erap had increased his votes at this point, because every day nagbabago 'yan. Last night we were in Malolos, the crowd was very big.

Q: Sir, in the three surveys, Erap moved closer to Noynoy, but with this Iglesia ni Cristo support for Noynoy, baka lalong lumayo 'yung agwat ni Noynoy kay Erap.

SP: From experience, there was shifting of voters in favor of one or the other candidate in this country as you near election day. Given the trend of Erap going up, it's possible that the survey that was presented yesterday is no longer current at that time. Pwedeng nag- iba na 'yun in favor of Erap. We do not know ano na ngayon ang relationship between Noynoy and Erap.

Q: Sir, with your experience in the past, how much is the block vote of Iglesia ni Cristo?

SP: I don't know. Some say three million. Some say four million.

Q: Sir, they say that Quiboloy has six million members.

SP: I don't know the size of the flock of Pastor Quiboloy. It's only them who know their number. But even in their case, that also changes. Some die. Some new members come in. Some others will get out.

Q: Sir, what's your comment on Senator Miriam and Senator Angara's move to elect a new Senate President?

SP: How can they do that? I'm ready to step down if they have the numbers. They have to ask the President to call for a special session of the Congress between today and Friday. But given the time constraint, it is almost impossible to accede to their request. You have to call both Houses into a special session. And all the members of the House of Representatives are now busy campaigning, especially the local level. Both Houses must be in session in order for the Senate to elect a new Senate President.

Q: Sir, may nag-aspire na ba na maging Senate President at kumikilos na right now?

SP: I don't know. I haven't talked to anyone of them.

Q: Sir, do you think magkakaroon ng failure of election? SP I do not know why are they so preoccupied with the so-called failure of election. I have no fear that the election will fail. I don't think it will.

Q: Can the Senate convene on its own?

SP: I do not know if they know anything about it. But it's too late in the day to call for a special session of Congress.

Q: Sir, what's your comment on the PCOS machines that failed yesterday at a dry- run in Makati City?

SP: It's very difficult to conclude about anything unless you have the facts in your hands. We are talking here of about fifty (50) million voters.

Q: Sir, what will constitute a failure of election?

SP: One scenario is there's no election. Election is dictated to be done on May 10. If there's an election but the votes of the president is less than 51 % of those who voted, then there's a failure of election. Because you don't have a popular will, because the popular will is reflected by a majority.

Q: Sir, are you not alarmed dun sa pagpalpak ng PCOS machines na ginamit sa dryrun yesterday sa Makati?

SP: We do not know how many machines ang pumalpak kahapon. I am not alarmed. If there's failure of the PCOS machines to function properly, let the COMELEC say so that something is wrong.

Q: Sir, meron na ba kayong fearless forecast kung sinong mananalo sa presidential election?

SP: This a very unpredictable election. It can go either way. Well, as of now, Noynoy is leading the surveys. But there are issues raised against one another and this would affect the mind of our people. In the last hour they will make up their minds. Until that point is reached, it would be fair and square. You cannot be sure of the outcome of the election. You have an undecided number of about 10% at this point that can swing either way. If the turnout of the election is 70%, then you have around 3.5 million of undecided voters.

Q: Sir, pwede bang mag- appoint si GMA ng replacement ng chief justice without the shortlist coming from JBC?

SP: Kapalit na chief justice, yes. As long as the replacement comes from among the 14 incumbent justices of the Supreme Court. The President has to wait for the vacancy to exist before she can appoint the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. But the President cannot appoint a replacement of a Supreme Court Justice without JBC's short list.

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