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May 4, 2010

Villar to voters: Think of your future

BALANGA CITY - With barely a week before Election Day, Nacionalista Party standard-bearer Manny Villar said he is hoping that voters would focus their attention on a candidate who can lead and deliver.

Villar said that people have obviously grown tired of black propaganda lunged at him by some of his rivals and would vote wisely on Election Day.

In a talk with reporters here, Villar said several issues, including the blatant lies about his statement of assets, liabilities and net worth pop out as the elections draw closer.

The NP standard-bearer arrived here to a hero's welcome for a motorcade through several towns, including Orani, where his 86-year-old mother Curita Bamba Villar was born and raised.

He came from a well-attended political rally in Vigan City that featured a "Rockatropa" concert hosted by king of noontime shows Willie Revillame on Sunday.

In a press conference at the Vetaf's Farm in this capital city, Villar also noted that the latest survey of Pulse Asia was apparently "compromised" as he questioned the timing of its release.

"Now with one week to go (before the elections), a candidate cannot be so sure with the results of the survey companies. Some of them can be compromised," he said.

Villar said candidates have their own interpretation of survey results, and he believes voters would be taking a critical look at these opinion polls.

"Our countrymen will decide in the next few days. There are 40 million of them and many would think about their future before they cast their ballot," he said.

"I hope that on Election Day, voters will look at the capability and track record of the candidate to lead and choose someone who has no health and mental issues," he added.

From Balanga City, Villar's motorcade proceeded to Mariveles, passing through several towns where thousands of people waited along the main streets under the scorching sun to greet and cheer a "beloved son."

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