Press Release
May 20, 2010


Given the high-cost of living today, public school teachers from both elementary and secondary levels can now make ends meet and enjoy additional benefits for their children.

"Public school teachers are considered to be the heart of the educational system. Hence, the government needs to give priority to their interests and welfare," said Senator Edgardo J. Angara, who also chairs the Congressional Commission on Science, Technology and Engineering (COMSTE).

He added, "Thousands of outstanding students are consistently being acknowledged for their academic excellence and virtues. However, such accomplishments may have not been achieved if it were not for the perseverance of educators. They are considered as the unsung heroes of our times because many have neglected the role they play in the advancement of education in our country."

Knowing the financial ordeals experienced by public school teachers, Angara -

known as "Mr. Education" - filed a bill seeking amend the existing Magna Carta for Public School Teachers to provide them with further incentives.

The bill seeks to grant additional benefits to teachers by giving their dependents the right to scholarship grants, free medical treatment and pension in case of disability of the teachers. In addition, it also encourages teachers to form cooperatives in their own municipalities to help promote their economic welfare.

By providing attractive incentives, Angara believes that the exodus of public school teachers, which drains the educational system, would be sufficiently addressed.

With more teachers wanting to work abroad, global competitiveness of students is at risk.

"One cannot blame them for wanting to work abroad for substantially higher wages. However, this amendment to the existing Magna Carta for Public School Teachers will protect their welfare and provide benefits to their dependents and as we develop more competent and dedicated teachers, we can be assured of quality education for our youth, and for our nation - towards a better and enlightened future generation," said Angara.

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