Press Release
June 30, 2010

Statement of Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri on the Inaugural Address of President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino

"Today marks a beginning of change in the affairs of state of our country. It is a new beginning that should make us leave the divisive atmosphere that was the aftermath of the last election.

"I congratulate President Noynoy Aquino on his assumption as the 15th President of our Republic and pledge to support his programs against corruption and hunger.

"He will have my support in the halls of the Senate to push for legislation that will uplift our countrymen from poverty and rid our agencies of graft. I pledge to assist him in the crafting of a lean but mean budget that will address the problems that he raised in his inaugural address.

"I as well will continue to monitor his promises to our people and will politely remind him to keep those promises. I urge my colleagues to do the same because at the end of the day, we all want our country to succeed and our people to be happy.

"Unfortunately I could not join him today in this historic event as I am administering the oath of office of several mayors here in my paternal province of Negros Occidental and in Mindanao, as well.

"I wish him the best of luck for the gargantuan task ahead of him."

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