Press Release
July 28, 2010

Querubin Release - A Victory for Government Reform

Senator Loren Legarda today expressed her optimism on the efforts of the new Administration following the release today of Col. Ariel Querubin.

"I laud the initiatives of the incumbent Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Lt. General Ricardo A. David Jr. who according to Col. Querubin was the only AFPCOS who met with him during his entire four-year detention and made him feel a part of the Armed Forces again."

"Querubin's lawyer said the purpose of the court martial was to impose discipline within the ranks of the AFP and the actions of the AFPCOS signaled that justice had already been served in the case of Col. Querubin."

Legarda said she supports Querubin's intentions to pursue his quest for military reforms, fight for good governance especially within the military service.

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