Press Release
July 30, 2010


Senator Edgardo J. Angara reaffirms his support to Philippine education, urging Congress to direct efforts on research and development and emphasizing the vital role of science and technology in the global stage.

"Building a strong Science & Technology (S&T) foundation is necessary for the country to push forward and become more competitive," said Angara who chairs Senate Committee on Science and Technology.

He added, "Science and Technology is not given adequate attention in relation to its role in the progress of our country. We must enact a responsive policy instrument that will meet the demands of global challenges."

Earlier this year, there were efforts made to pool the limited Research and Development (R&D) resources and identify key research thrusts for 2009. Through the Congressional Commission on Science & Technology and Engineering (COMSTE), the Philippines will hold an international conference to consolidate research agenda and ideas.

"We intend to fuel the creativity of our local scientists and stimulate a synergy of ideas, forge connections between scientists in the Philippines and the international scientific community; and eventually propel the country as a respectable source of S&T innovations, much like Taiwan and Korea have done," said Angara.

Moreover, given the political landscape it is the best time to drum up awareness and significant concern and prioritization of the new government on the need to have a comprehensive and coherent national S&T strategy.

"S&T and R&D can help us confront the many critical issues surrounding the country like poverty, overpopulation, the dismal economy, etc. It is therefore timely to raise the awareness those governing and those of being governed. It is only through pro-active partnership between the private and public sectors that we can succeed," said Angara.

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