Press Release
August 13, 2010


The Supreme Court, in a resolution dated August 2, dismissed a disbarment complaint filed by lawyer Bonifacio Alentajan for "lack of substance."

It was the second time that the Supreme Court's Second Division dismissed a disbarment case against Santiago. The first time was the case filed by Efren Battad.

In her Comment, Santiago said that the Battad and Alentajan complaints were identical, thus proving that Alentajan is a lawyer hired by a certain public official to assassinate Santiago's character.

While the Supreme Court dismissed the two disbarment complaints, in the same vein, the Comelec had previously dismissed a disqualification case against Santiago, also on the same grounds.

Santiago said that all three complaints which have been dismissed against her are proof that the lawyer was engaged in so-called forum shopping, which is prohibited by the Supreme Court.

Forum shopping is the prohibited practice of lawyers filing the same complaint in various forums, for the sole purpose of harassing the respondent.

During the recent campaign, Santiago dropped broad hints that the lawyer has been hired by a former DILG secretary whom she has repeatedly accused of corruption in privilege speeches delivered in the Senate.

Accordingly, the Senate passed the resolution sponsored by Santiago recommending to the Ombudsman the filing of plunder charges versus the DILG official and his brother who was formerly executive director of the road user's tax board.

In a recent move, the Ombudsman upheld a Senate resolution, sponsored by Santiago, recommending the filing of criminal charges against so-called euro-generals.

The staff of Santiago said the senator, who is on sick leave, is expecting the Ombudsman to support the Senate recommendations for the filing of criminal charges against the two public officials whom she suspects of having financed the string of dismissed cases against her.

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