Press Release
September 19, 2010

Require Pregnancy Test Before Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery - Legarda

Senator Loren Legarda said there should be mandatory pregnancy testing of all women of childbearing age before undergoing cosmetic procedures that might be harmful to both the mother and child.

"Harmful cosmetic procedures include those that require the administration of general anesthesia and other types of anesthesia that the Cosmetic Provider may deem detrimental to the well being of the pregnant women and unborn children."

Legarda filed Senate Bill No. 1398 which also makes it the obligation of the Cosmetic Provider to make a reasonable disclosure of the available choices on the cosmetic procedure by informing the patient of the precise and potential risks associated and the possible dangers of undergoing the same when a woman is pregnant.

Legarda said the Cosmetic Provider should advise the patient in simple lay terms or in a manner that the patient can respond with an informed or intelligent consent to such procedure.

A fine of up to P1 Million had been recommended by the Legarda Bill to violators.

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