Press Release
September 20, 2010


Q: On conditional cash transfer...

DRILON: Given the magnitude of the program, we have to examine it closely. But let me say that the consensus in the committee is that we are generally supportive. We just want more details to make sure that the program succeeds in reducing poverty. In South America where this has started, it would appear that it succeeded. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, we have had much experience on this in other countries, let us see how we can adopt it into our local conditions and maybe see where they may have shortcomings and adopt measures to address those shortcomings. I repeat, by and large, the committee is supportive of this program, except probably that we need more explanation in order that the legislature can help in order to make this program successful and in putting in mechanics and systems to make sure that the program is properly monitored given the amount of public funds devoted to it.

Q: You are not yet convinced dun sa monitoring system?

DRILON: We have asked them to submit a paper on various aspects: the identification of the beneficiaries, the implementation of the program, the monitoring and impact assessment.

Q: Hindi nyo i-slash ang budget ng DSWD?

DRILON: We have not yet gone to that point. We will look at how the other agencies can interact and interface with DSWD. We have not made any decision. We would want the paper to be submitted to us.

Q: Ipapatawag sila ulit?

DRILON: We are not foreclosing that possibility. After we see the paper, if my colleagues in my committee would have more questions, we are open to calling them again.

Q: Reaction sa IIRC report, ibibigay daw muna sa China bago i-disclose sa Pilipinas.

DRILON: I do not know what is behind the scenes in all of this. It has raised a lot of questions. The Office of the President should consider the opinions expressed by the other sectors on this.

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