Press Release
September 22, 2010

Transcript of SP Enrile's interview before the Senate session

Comments on the list of government officials allegedly linked in jueteng operations, as revealed by retired Archbishop Ocar Cruz

We'll have to take the statement of the bishop as evidence. But we have to conduct further hearings to get to the bottom of this problem. It's still inconclusive up to this point.

Reaction on the resignation of Undersecretary Puno

Did he resign? Well, that's the only thing left for him. I'm not saying that the accusation is true. But if he's in that position, and considering his closeness to the President, then the least that he must do is to tender his resignation. It's up to the President to decide whether he will keep him or not because the relationship of the President with his Cabinet, including the undersecretaries, is one of trust.

I will not be giving advise to the President on this matter. This one goes already into the relationship of the President directly with one of his sub- alters, who is supposed to be involved in jueteng, coupled with the statement of Bishop Cruz and the undersecretary's own statement that he was approached by some people concerning jueteng operation. So, why did he entertain those approaches rather than shying away from them? I'm not making a judgment about his guilt or innocence. It's a matter of fact already that there's such an accusation made against him. The way he answered our questions, there was some degree of vagueness. Naturally, any rational being would sense some degree of doubt.

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