Press Release
October 4, 2010

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile
before Plenary Session

On the RH Bill

Q: Sir, nagbibigay na po ng threats ang Church...

SP: Well, if they want to do it, that's within their rights.

Q: Hindi ba they're carrying it too far, 'yung mga threats nila?

SP: Well, you know, when you deal with issues like that, passion is generated because it is a very sensitive issue.

Q: With the passion too high, will the Senate tackle this or avoid it na lang?

SP: No, we will tackle it.

Q: How about your Anti-Abortion Bill? 'Yun ang assurance na wala talagang isisingit na abortion...

SP: I have filed it. We're increasing the penalty and defining the crime very clearly.

Q: Sir, do you think that should...

SP: I don't know. I'm just implementing the Constitution which says that both mothers and unborn child must be protected.

On P-Noy's First 100 Days

Q: Noy's 100 days, sir...

SP: First 100 days? I will not make any judgment. To be fair, it's very difficult to do anything with this country within 100 days. We have been there, you know, many times before.

On Jueteng

Q: Dapat bang ipatigil na ang imbestigasyon sa jueteng?

SP: Oo, natapos na yata kami. Ano pa ba ang tatanungin dun? Hindi naman kami mga pulis. We are not law enforcement people. We are lawmakers. We have enough data to make a judgment to adopt a policy.

Q: Sir, ano pong policy ang ia-adopt niyo?

SP: I am for legalizing it.

Q: Sir, 'yung mga sinagot po sa inyo, satisfied na po kayo ng mga resource persons?

SP: I'm not satisfied but as far as I'm concerned, I have a basis to argue that it is better to legalize it than to leave it as is.

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