Press Release
October 12, 2010


On the DOTC budget

Q: Can we stop the Northrail project?

Serge: Naumpisahan na eh, ang laki-laki na ng gastos natin.

Q: Paano ang mga defects nun?

Serge: We have to correct the defects. They are asking for an adjustment in cost, I don't know if they're going to get that. We are over a barrel here.

Q: Paano natin iilagan yun?

Serge: Para sa akin, we have to file graft charges against those who signed the contract, particularly Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

We have already spent so much money, siguro mga $200 million na ang nagastos. We have only finished 20% of the project.

Q: Yung NAIA 3?

Serge: That's going to be up and ready siguro by June next year. All they have to do is to wait for all issues to be resolved, may legal and may technical issues pa.

Q: Ano yung legal?

Serge: Ito yung arbitration case na pending pa, iyong nagma-mandate ng just compensation. It will be managed by the government. That's what is yet to be decided in (the arbitration) court. It will not be the $600 million that Piatco is asking, maybe mga $300 million. That maybe the just compensation.

Q: Yung Japanese contractor Takenaka?

Serge: Yung Takenaka, okay na daw. They already won $40 million from Piatco, then the balance they will take out from the money that the Philippine government will pay to Piatco for just compensation. That will be deducted.

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