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November 5, 2010

P-Noy asked to convene LEDAC for 'Juan' & 'Boss'

Sen. Ralph G. Recto yesterday asked President Aquino to immediately convene the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) in light of the need by Congress to prioritize legislative measures that particularly involve providing aid to affected areas of typhoon Juan.

"It is in the President's best interest to convene the LEDAC in order to discuss how to extend help to those still reeling from the devastating effects of the recent supertyphoon. It would show the people that the government acts with a sense of urgency on this matter," Recto, chair of the Senate ways and means committee, said.

"In crippling events like this, time is of the essence. Those affected find it hard to move on and turn to their government for much needed aid. Now is the time for decisive action."

To date, reports indicate that the agriculture sector suffered some P11.53 billion worth of damage due to typhoon Juan, which is one of the strongest typhoons that hit the country in recent memory. Provinces in north of Luzon were badly hit by the storm.

Recto said that since the Calamity Fund for this year is almost depleted, it would be necessary to earmark other funds for the reconstruction and repair of damages brought by Juan.

"There are a number of ways by which Congress can help in allocating funds for those affected by the calamity. The most important thing right now is for members of the executive and legislative branches of government to put their heads together and find ways to ease the plight of those affected in the fastest way possible," the senator said.

"After the President's successful debut on the world stage that took him from New York to Hanoi, may we have the honor of being in his company to tackle issues about 'Juan" and the Filipino 'Boss' people," he added.

The LEDAC, which was created through Republic Act 7640, aims to determine and recommend, among others, socio-economic policy goals to the President. It is also a venue to integrate the legislative agenda with the national development plan and recommend to the President and Congress sources of revenues and measures to reduce unnecessary expenditures in government.

Recto added that aside from money measures for the reconstruction of provinces devastated by typhoon Juan, President Aquino can also use the LEDAC to prioritize measures that would boost revenues for the national government or encourage more public-private partnerships in infrastructure projects.

"This is why it is imperative that the LEDAC be convened as soon as possible. This would give life to the national development plan of President Aquino's administration," he said.

The LEDAC, which is chaired by the President, is mandated by law to meet at least once every quarter.

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