Press Release
November 15, 2010


Senator Bong Revilla, chairman of the Senate Committee on Public Services and co-chairman of the Joint Congressional Oversight Committee on the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (COCCAAP), today in a public hearing criticized the leadership of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP).

The Senator expressed his disappointment over the seeming incapability of the CAAP in restoring the Philippines to Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Category 1 even after Republic Act 9497, a law creating the CAAP and to address the country's downgrading, was enacted two (2) years ago. The same law granted the CAAP fiscal autonomy and infused it with a glaring starting budget of fifty (50) billion pesos.

The Philippines is currently classified under FAA Category 2 - which restricts flights from the country to the United States , and prevents our carriers from increasing flights to the same country. "Ang daming opportunity losses in terms of economic development through tourism dahil hanggang ngayon ay category 2 pa rin tayo," Revilla lamented.

In the hearing, Bong Revilla also expressed concern over how the agency's budget was being spent. "Ang laki-laki ng pondong ibinigay sa inyo para ayusin ang problema, pero hanggang ngayon, ganun pa rin," he said. "Saan napunta ang pera?"

Because of this, Bong Revilla posed a strong challenge the CAAP and its leadership to get their acts together. "Congress has done its job, so it's about time for the CAAP to get to Category 1. Anything less is unacceptable. Shape up or ship out," he ended.

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