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April 28, 2011


Senator Edgardo J. Angara yesterday commended the biodegradable water purifying system to be introduced in Laguna this coming June. This innovation, which was created by a team of Filipinos and presented in a Washington-based conference, uses coconut husks and other local materials.

"One in every five Filipino families have no access to clean drinking water because purified water is an added expense to the household budget. If this project is implemented in a wide scale, we might be able to provide potable water even to the poorest areas," said Angara.

A professor from the De La Salle University and a Fil-Am professor from the Manhattan College were given a grant by the US Environmental Protection Agency to develop a water filter using indigenous, biodegradable materials.

Entitled "Novel Natural Water Filters for Nagcarlan, Philippines", this project was presented in the National Sustainable Design Expo held in Washington DC earlier this month. The Expo brings together students, scientists, engineers, and business leaders whose innovative technologies are designed to advance economic growth while reducing environmental impact.

According to Angara, this cost-effective alternative to commercial water purifiers would be vital to those living in areas where potable water is scarce.

Recognizing the need for a nationwide water regulatory program, Angara filed Senate Bill No. 2541, "An Act Rationalizing the Economic Regulation of Water Utilities, Creating the Water Regulatory Commission and for Other Purposes" earlier this year.

"Access to water which is safe for consumption and sanitation should be made available to every Filipino. Unfortunately, those living in tight urban communities and distant rural areas have limited sources for clean water," he lamented.

Also known as the Water Regulatory Act of 2011, this bill seeks to provide a safe, adequate and affordable supply of clean, potable water throughout the country. If passed, an independent, quasi-judicial body called the Water Regulatory Commission would be established to oversee and centralize the regulation of water distributors.

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