Press Release
August 31, 2011


The next head of the Bureau of Customs should continue predecessor Angelito Alvarez's fight against institutionalized corruption in the agency, Sen. Panfilo M. Lacson said.

Lacson said Alvarez was on the right track in getting rid of the institutionalized corruption in the BOC when he was "unfortunately" given the boot at this time.

"It is unfortunate that Commissioner Angelito Alvarez is being given the boot at this time. He has barely started the reforms that the BOC badly needs. He knows his job very well and has been trying his darned best to correct the institutionalized corruption in the bureau," he said.

He said it was Alvarez who discovered and exposed the case of the missing container vans, including the syndicates' use of transshipment to avoid paying Customs duties and taxes.

On the other hand, Lacson said he expects former Rep. Rozzano Rufino Biazon, Alvarez's reported replacement at the BOC, to learn the ropes of the job quickly and continue the reforms at the bureau.

"If I know him right, he is one straight and heads-up government official. He should be a good addition to PNoy's administration," Lacson said.

But he advised Biazon to break the "Friday habit" of those involved in smuggling-related corruption at the Bureau.

Citing information reaching him, Lacson said those engaged in corruption at the Bureau meet every Friday to divide the spoils.

"Once he learns the ropes, he's one guy worth watching as far as reforms are concerned," Lacson said of Bizon.

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