Press Release
September 7, 2011


Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago said she is challenging former Pres. Fidel Ramos to chase and capture Moammar Kadhafi of Libya, the former strongman who is in hiding from authorities.

Ramos has been accused by a WikiLeaks cable, available on the internet, of accepting an illegal campaign contribution from Kadhafi of P5 million for the 1992 presidential election.

Santiago led in the national canvassing of votes in 1992, but after a nationwide blackout, was eventually overtaken by Ramos, who won by the lowest plurality vote in Philippine political history.

After Santiago filed a resolution for two Senate committees to investigate Ramos for the crime of accepting an illegal campaign contribution from a foreign source, Ramos said he was challenging her to take the testimony of Kadhafi and the American ambassador who was quoted in the WikiLeaks cable.

"The challenge is geriatric ranting and raving. He is in a state of deep panic, and lashing out at me. I had nothing to do with the US cable nor with WikiLeaks," Santiago said.

Santiago said that Ramos should understand that no congressional committee has the power to summon a foreigner, unless he is being investigated for a crime committed on Philippine territory.

"He is whistling in the dark. He must be off his rocker," Santiago said.

In her resolution, Santiago said that Ramos allegedly stole the 1992 presidential election, and then proceeded to persecute her with a graft case in the Sandigan, which was eventually dismissed for lack of evidence.

"I am a laureate of the Magsaysay award for government service. Ramos is not a laureate of the Magsaysay award. End of debate," Santiago said.

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