Press Release
January 19, 2012


A potential clash between the Senate and the Supreme Court has been avoided with the submission of the statement of assets, liabilities and net worth (SALN) of Chief Justice Renato C. Corona.

Senator Edgardo J. Angara helped persuade Supreme Court's Clerk of Court Enriqueta Esguerra-Vidal to turn over the SALN's subpoenaed by the Impeachment Court.

"We are speculating of a potential showdown with the Supreme Court. But the reality is already with us--the documents are here, that she followed the subpoena, and she's willing to give it," said Angara during the second day of the trial.

Angara assured Vidal that she would not be sanctioned by her superiors in the Supreme Court for submitting the documents in question.

Vidal was initially conflicted about submitting the subpoenaed documents. Vidal said she brought the documents out of respect to the Impeachment Court but pleaded for time to get authorization from the Supreme Court in compliance with a 1989 resolution regulating the release of the SALN of members of the judiciary.

"You don't have to fear at all because this is pursuant to a lawful order of a lawful authority--and pursuant to a higher calling. I think history will be on your side," said Angara.

Subsequently, Supreme Court spokesperson Midas Marquez revealed that Corona has authorized the release of his SALN.

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