Press Release
February 15, 2012


Senator Francis Escudero on Wednesday put to task sports officials and related agencies after the Senate adopted a resolution recalling Philippine Ambassador to Argentina Rey Carandang following the post-fight mob attack on Filipino boxer Johnriel Casimero.

The same resolution also asked Argentine Ambassador to the Philippines Joaquin Daniel Otero to explain the incident.

The attack came after the Pinoy pug's victorious bout against Argentine Luis Alberto Lazarte in Round 10 of their Feb. 11 fight. Angry local fans hurled bottles and chairs into the ring while the others breached the ropes and assaulted Casimero and his boxing team.

"Clearly, local sports officials were also remiss in ensuring the safety of our boxer and his team. I ask that responsible agencies come up with policies as to how similar incidents may be prevented in the future. We observe that no protocols were in place and it took an unfortunate incident such as this for us to realize so," Escudero said.

The senator reiterated that with the emergence of Filipino athletes as world-class competitors, the importance of government support whenever they compete abroad is paramount.

"The least that government can do for our athletes in general is to show that they have our support. We ask them to carry our flag and compete with the highest possible degree of sportsmanship and excellence while representing our country. Government should be able to ensure their safety," Escudero added.

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