Press Release
February 27, 2012


Q: Nalaman niyo na po ba kung kanino nanggaling ang leak?

Serge: Hindi pa eh. Hinahanap pa ang source ng leak. We could not seem to pinpoint how a copy of the document got into the hands of the prosecutors. Hidni namin alam kung galing sa BSP, as claimed by PSBank. Or the only other source would only be PSBank, dun lang probably nag-originate 'yun. So, we do not know yet.

Q: Contradicting ang statements ng PSBank at ang BSP. Ano po ang masasabi niyo dun?

Serge: You know, we were just getting there. But we have to suspend the hearing kasi 'yung earlier part, talagang tine-trace ni Senate President Enrile kung anong klaseng documentation ang pinapakita, how many inspectors go to the bank, etc. So towards the end na lang lumabas 'yung question how did the signature card and the initial document got into the hands of the prosecutors. We have not determined that.

'Yung second issue dito, 'yung Politically-Exposed Person (PEP) na tag. In-explain naman ng Bangko Sentral na it has been effect since 2002, when the international conventions - the Vienna Conventionon on Drugs, the Merida Convention on Corruption and the Palermo Convention - made it stricter for banks, made it easier for banks to monitor the type of customers they have. Ito po 'yung tinatawag na KYC - Know Your Customers. And PEP is one of those tags. It's an electronic tag naman. Wala namang masama kung PEP ka. Pero mas sinisilip 'yung activity ng bank account po ninyo, they look as to the volume and the frequency. Politically-exposed persons are just one of many types of tags that the Financial Action Task Force on Anti-Money Laundering uses.

Q: Did we get any closer to identifying the source of the bank documents?

Serge: Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that we have pinpointed it now to a series of e-mails but we could not go any further because we ran out of time. So we will continue on Thursday.

Q: Narrow down to BSP, AMLC and PSBank?

Serge: Hindi po kasama ang AMLC, its the BSP. The BSP is one of 3 agencies in the Anti-Money Laundering Council. The other 2 agencies are the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Insurance Commission. One of three. Because what is the subject matter here is a bank, it falls under the BSP. Kung insurance company iyan, Insurance Commission.

Q: But the BSP denied getting a copy of the document?

Serge: Yes, they have always denied it. The BSP has always held its reputation in high esteem. And we don't think it could have come from them. But we will still try to find out.

Q: Mas kapani-paniwala ang BSP?

Serge: Alam mo, in a bank, this type of information is not a secret. Ang sikreto sa bangko 'yung actual amounts. 'yung dinedeposito niyo, 'yung wini-withdraw niyo, monthly balance. But that you are a customer is not a secret. Signature card is not a secret. As a matter of fact, that is available to all tellers. Sapagkat kapag kina-cash 'yung check mo, titingnan muna kung kay Mr. XYZ ba ito, itong signature na ito. So, that's a very common thing. The initial opening card, the deposit card, is what is closely held but not that much of a secret, either. What is secret are the contents of the account. So, hindi naman lumabas 'yung contents ng account eh. What is accused of being leaked is the initial information card.

Q: So sa bangko talaga nanggaling 'yung leak?

Serge: We are not sure yet. We have not gotten there. Siguro in the next hearing we could narrow it down. Hindi naman inaamini ng BSP na sila ang nag-leak. Hindi naman din inaamin ng PSBank na sila ang nag-leak. So, you know, we've got to do more detective work here.

Q: Sir, hindi ba sabi ni Pascual (PSBank President Pascual Garcia) nung nag-testify siya na AMLC also got a copy of the Corona documents, tapos pina-kopya pa niya?

Serge: We don't know what those documents are. They are only information. So, I saw the signature card, so what? Walang balanse dun, walang deposit, nothing. So, everybody plays fast and loose with documents of account, but there's nothing in those documents.

Q: (inaudible)

Serge: Hindi importante 'yun, because the PEP tag is just in the master list. It's an electronic tag. Kung minsan sinusulat nila sa initial information card.

Q: So that could oly come from the bank? Kasi electronically-tagged nga siya, di ba?

Serge: Of course everything comes from the bank. Pero ang sinasabi ng bangko, hindi sila ang nag-leak. Nanggaling ang leak sa BSP.

Q: Eh sino daw?

Serge: Hindi nga nila alam eh. That's what we are trying to find out.

Q: But you have narrowed it down to PSB and BSP? Wala na 'yung AMLC dun?

Serge: Wala na 'yung AMLC dun. AMLC is an amalgammation of 3 agencies, BSP, Insurance Commission and SEC. It's a multi-agency.

Q: Kaya talagang matigas si Aquino (AMLC Executive Director Vicente Aquino) that they never set foot at the Katipunan Branch?

Serge: Yes.

Q: And you're buying that, that they never set foot in Katipunan?

Serge: Yes. Hanggang sa BSP lang. It's the BSP that will report to them.


Q: On the INC rally bukas. Naghihikayat daw ng mga politiko. By any chance, na-invite ba kayo dun?

Serge: Hindi. No, hindi ako inimbita dun. Atsaka siguro po naman they will just pray that the impeachment court will come out with a fair, reasonable verdict.

Q: May bagong request ngayon ang prosecution na i-invite uli si Justice Sereno. Pero di ba sir, ayaw nga ng Senate ng mag-issue ng subpoena?

Serge: Idi-discuss po namin ngayon, if you allow me to go. I have to attend the caucus. Baka mag-decide sila ng wala pa ako dun.

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