Press Release
March 2, 2012

Interview with Senate Minority Leader On surveys
on Impeachment Trial conducted prematurely

Senator Alan Cayetano:

It's not the survey itself, it's the content. What it is going to be used for? Is it scientific? 'Yan ang questions diyan.

Q: What if statistically tested like the SWS survey, all classes......

Yes. But again, it depends on the question bakit ipu-publish? Even the SWS and Pulse Asia, kung ilalabas nila ngayon at sasabihin na guilty or not guilty, eh isang side pa lang ang napapakinggan eh.

Not really agree categorically.....

Hindi ako agree na ilalabas sa publiko, unless may malaki kang disclaimer na "please remember that only one side has presented." It's a question of fairness. What are you going to use it for? If you're going to use it to influence the court, or shape public opinion, you're not doing the country a favour by doing it that way. Because you're deceiving the people.

Si Eba at Adan nga kinain na ang mansanas, ang unang tanong pa ng Panginoon, "Bakit kayo nagtatago? Ano ang ginawa ninyo?" That's what due process is about. It's hearing before we condemn.

Ang point lang naman ni Sen. Miriam ay nakita na niya noong ina-announce na ito na gagamitin for PR purposes at mukhang it will be unfair to the people.

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