Press Release
April 27, 2012


Baler, Aurora--Senator Edgardo J. Angara lauded the successful run of the 6th annual Aurora Youth for Sports and Arts, more popularly known as AYOS-A.

Two hundred and twenty kids from all over the province of Aurora participated in this three-day workshop, held at the Baler Central Elementary School during which they were mentored by professionals from each field. This year's AYOS-A workshop consisted of four sports classes (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Taekwondo) and four arts classes (Visual Arts, Painting, Basic Photography and Jewelry Making).

"This yearly activity gives the children of our province a chance to learn and enhance their skills, and also develop a sense of camaraderie with other participants from all around Aurora," said Angara.

"We have very talented artists and skilled athletes here in Aurora. Our more seasoned painters have held exhibitions all over the world and some of our players have played in national competitions," said Angara, who spearheaded the first AYOS-A workshop in 2007.

During the culmination program of the 2012 AYOS-A workshops, each of the sports classes demonstrated the basic and advanced skills while the arts program proudly exhibited their work.

Angara explained that the purpose of his brainchild, AYOS-A, is to prepare the next generation of artists and athletes.

"Every year we discover tremendous raw talent this year in sports and arts. Our challenge now is to help hone their talents so that they can fulfill their potential," he said.

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