Press Release
May 14, 2012

Senate Minority Leader Alan Peter S. Cayetano
Transcript of interview on ANC's Headstart
(Re: Impeachment Trial, Road to 2013, Scarborough Shoal, etc)

Karen Davila (KD): And on hot coffee this morning, and it's actually quite rare, Senator-Judge Alan Peter Cayetano joins us. I haven't seen you in so long.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano (ASC): Belated happy Mothers' day sa iyo at sa ating mga nanay.

(TOPIC: Ombudsman's possible impact on the Impeachment Case)

KD: Thank you and to your wife too. Alright, the Ombudsman was subpoenaed and you believe is showing up today.

ASC: Yes

KD: What is your stand on the Ombudsman doing another investigation on Chief Justice Corona? In fact, she's asked him to answer and reply on the alleged $10M account which he refused to do.

ASC: Recap lang. Sabi ng Pangulo, this is all about anti-corruption. This is all about cleaning the country. Sabi naman ng CJ and ng ibang mga taga-Supreme Court, this is about judicial independence at binabraso daw ang Supreme Court.

So without making or revealing any stand and being fair as a sitting Senator-Judge, we have to weigh and make sure that there is a right balance of power and that whatever happens, will bring forth positive results for all institutions.

Before it was clear that you cannot investigate or file charges against a Supreme Court justice, more so the Chief Justice. There are only two remedies that would hold them accountable: one, impeachment; or two, wait for them to retire or finish their term when they turn 70 years old and that is when charges can be filed.

Suddenly, na-stuck na ang impeachment court dahil nagbotohan kami at yung majority ng aming mga kasama ay ayaw labanan ang Supreme Court at yung kanilang TRO na bawal buksan ang alleged dollar accounts.

KD: On the dollar account? You were for the opening right?

ASC: Yes I really believe the Senate as an Impeachment court has the sole power to hear and try impeachment cases and the Supreme Court should not interfere. That's my stand.

So what happened is that there were complaints in the Ombudsman. Ang ginawa ng Office of the Ombudsman sinulatan si CJ at sinabing may imbestigasyon at hinihingan siya ng sagot. So this is a 'change of policy' in the sense that it is a more progressive stand against corruption that a sitting justice, in this case the CJ, has to answer.

Hindi basta-basta ang ating Ombudsman. Dati siyang Supreme Court justice at marunong ito. I mean, very well respected in the legal community. So without making a stand right now, that is what I want to ask later.

Number one, mayroon nga bang dollar account o wala? O kung mayroon, magkano ang laman? O may tinatago ba o wala? O mapapaliwanag ba o hindi?

Number two, ang mabigat na issue dito sa balance of power, pwede bang imbestigahan o pwede bang kasuhan ng Ombudsman ang isang nakaupong Supreme Court justice?

Kasi kapag sinabi nating oo, medyo delikado din iyon. Kasi paano kung gamitin ito noong mga natalong litigants. Yun nga ang complaint ng mga Justices. Kapag may kailangan sila kakasuhan sa korte para magbago ang isip nila o para magblackmail.

So is it better for the country that the Ombudsman can investigate so that Justices will not seem super powerful. Or will it be bad or pose a threat to Justices aside from an impeachment?

Kasi ako mismo I supported having an impeachment trial knowing it's the only way to hold someone accountable. And there's a line of Supreme Court cases that support that. So I think these are the two issues that senators and others will be interested in today.

Kung magkakaroon ng headstart mamaya ang Ombudsman, I think dalawa ang malalaman diyan. Number one, kung may dollar account nga ba at kung mayroon, magkano ang laman. At number two, may power ba siya na kunin yung impormasyon at pabuksan ito.

KD: Apparently, when you sign the SALN, there's a waiver that the Ombudsman can investigate even your accounts.

ASC: Correct. Actually, hindi yung account pero yung BIR. Yun naman ang bill ko. Yung sinu-suggest ko kahit noong panahon pa ng First Gentleman at GMA, dagdagan yung waiver na iyon na pati accounts pwedeng buksan ng Ombudsman.

Sa ngayon, ang nakalagay doon sa waiver sa likod ay pwedeng tignan ang records sa BIR at iba pang government records. Question, does that include AMLA records? Kasi Central Bank may records, AMLA may records.

On the other hand, most banks are private while AMLA is government. So should the waiver include that? If not, then ano ang pinaguusapan natin na Bank Secrecy Law kung pwede naman palang tignan ng Ombudsman at pwedeng kusa silang magfile ng kaso.

KD: For politicians, for sitting public officials?

ASC: Yes, any government official has to file the SALN. Medyo progressive view yun na pati AMLA records kasama. Because when you sign the waiver, it is assumed that there are existing laws (protecting bank secrecy) and you're not signing a waiver disclosing bank accounts.

Pero ako gusto ko yun. Gusto ko na lahat ng public officials (pumirma ng waiver). Ang hamon ko nga sa Presidente at sa administrasyon na ito ay bakit ang Supreme Court justices lang? Bakit hindi lahat ng gabinete mo? Papirmahin na ngayon sila ng waiver na pwedeng tingnan ang bank accounts nila para tingnan din natin kung may kumikita o kung may itinatago na dollar o peso account ang mga ito.

That's one aspect of this impeachment. We have to balance the executive, the legislative and the judiciary. So mamaya, yun ang magiging katanungan sa Ombudsman. Mayroon bang impormasyon o yun lang bang binigay ng complainants? Kasi isa isang sinasabi ng complainants na yung kanilang ebidensiya ay yun na ring pinakita sa Impeachment Court.

Kung sasabihin ng Ombudsman na iyon din ang basehan niya at ipinapaliwanag niya lang, katanggap tanggap naman yun. Pero kung sasabihin niya na hindi, mayroong silang separate na impormasyon, saan galing yun? At kung nanggaling sa AMLA yun, pwede ba ito? Also, what will stop them from going against the political enemies of the government?

But as I said, we have faith in the Ombudsman. There's another side, during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, one cannot file a case against a sitting president during her term. Pero pwede mong imbestigahan at tapos ay tumigil ka sa findings mo para mag-intay hangga't wala na siya sa posisyon. Tsaka mo kasuhan para yung ebidensya ay hindi mawala.

So those are two different views. Pero noong time ni Ombudsman Merci, ang sabi niya kapag inimbestigahan mo ay ganoon din yun kasi magugulo siya. The point of immunity is that you allow the President to finish the term without these charges getting in the way. But when one investigates, hindi mo naman pwedeng hindi bigyan ng attention yan.

So ganoon din sa Supreme Court. One side can say, "pero kapag inimbestigahan mo kami, we'll be open to blackmail." Not to say mambblackmail ang Ombudsman. But you never know, kung yung nagffile ng complaints o yung gumagamit ay mayroong ganoong ginagawa.

KD: Actually, I like your analysis. If the Ombudsman is not allowed to do that, Supreme Court justices are sitting there for a long time. The youngest one right now is Sereno and she's fifty-something. Hypothetically, someone of that age, doing something questionable will be sitting there for twenty or thirty more years without accountability.

ASC: I agree. But there are two quick solutions to that: the SALN na dapat open at makukuha at pangalawa ay yung FOI. The FOI bill dealing and opening the records and their votes in cases decided.

Very powerful na yung media, not only the traditional media but social media. Tingnan mo, mas magagaling pang senator-judges yung nasa Twitter and Facebook kaysa sa amin. Kasi ang dami kong hindi napapansin sa hearing pero kapag nagbasa ka na sa Twitter, sa Facebook o sa mga blogs, grabe ang insight. May instant experts ka.

Halimbawa, sa property, hindi naman kami experts. Pero habang nanood yung mga nasa property market, tapos hindi naman nilalagay yung pangalan nila, they can be very open. The answer here is really transparency.

(TOPIC: Balancing Accountability and Judicial Independence is a main issue)

But the judiciary can only function when they have their independence. Kasi lahat tayo ay human, lahat tayo may mga weaknesses din. So kung ang problema mo ay mabblackmail mo o matatakot mo yung judge, hindi magiging fair yung kanyang decision-making.

On the other hand, tama ka rin naman. Pagka walang accountability, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So how do you balance this? So in a sense, maganda yung impeachment. Kasi ever since pinanganak ako wala akong maalalang naimpeach at martial law baby ako.

Now, at least it's a lesson. It sends a message to Comelec, to the Office of the Ombudsman, to COA that if they commit a wrong deed they can be impeached. Remember, the President played a major role here. When there are complaints against Comelec or COA, how do you balance all of this?

Some will say, "go to the Ombudsman". Remember the Ombudsman is not one person. Kung yung Ombudsman lang ang pinaguusapan natin, okay dahil grabe yung credibility niya. Pero that's a whole office. You have a lot of good people there.

(TOPIC: On the Dollar Accounts - if it exists, the more it is suppressed, the more it becomes an issue)

KD: If Ombudsman Carpio-Morales says I've gotten evidence on the $10M account, hypothetically. Or some account where it has millions of dollars. Can the impeachment court use that given that you took a vote among yourselves and the respect the TRO vote won?

ASC: Fearless forecast: Although some will object, we all want to get to the bottom of it and we want to know the truth. The problem even for the defense, if it exists and the evidence is suppressed, the more there will be an issue.

Remember the difference between a public office from a private office.

Sa private office kasi, guilty ka man o hindi, may legal remedies ka. Halimbawa, bahay ng isang private citizen, ni-raid pero sinabi ng judge na walang arrest warrant. Kahit may nakuha kang isang kilo ng shabu walang kang magagawa, makakalaya siya.

Pero halimbawa, congressman yun o mayor o governor o kung ano mang posisyon, na-raid bahay niya, walang warrant, kahit napawalang sala, iboboto pa ba yun? Hindi ba tatanggalin sa office?

Ang problema sa Supreme Court justices o kaya sa mga constitutional offices, wala naman silang election. Diba may term ang Justices na hanggang 70 years old? Hindi sapat na sabihin nila sa batas na naka-abswelto sila. Their fitness for that position is a moral issue and not only a legal one.

CJ must prove not only his legal fitness but his moral fitness as well. That's why I think it's a good move on his side to come and directly explain to the Impeachment Court.

(TOPIC: Both legal and moral considerations should be considered in making a decision)

KD: Now what would be your basis for making a decision? The other judges who are also senator-judges have different points of view. How would Senator Alan judge?

Number one, will Senator Alan and Senator Pia talk amongst themselves and judge together?

ASC: Of course we talk about different issues but when it comes to the decision, di kami masyadong nagiimpluwensyahan. We sometimes arrive at similar conclusions or in some issues one has a more progressive view so we don't always vote together. But we were brought up with the same principles by our dad and mom.

In this case, it's really difficult. One can completely be objective by not looking at the personality of those testifying, not knowing who is accused or those accusing. Then you put yourself in that position.

Halimbawa, yung may ari noong property doon sa Marikina. Tatakpan mo yung mukha at pakinggan mo. Dire-diretso naman sumagot. On the other hand, human nature, kapag bumili ka ng lupa, gusto mong nasa pangalan mo na yung titulo.

So what I found out with all of these, the hardest job is to be a judge. Simula konsehal, vice mayor, congressman. Sa private sector naging clerk pa ko, nag summer job ako, nasubukan ko lahat yan. Ang hirap pala maging judge kasi mahirap humusga.

So how will I make my decision? Di mo pwedeng tanggalin ang legal. Pero hindi mo rin pwedeng tanggalin yung moral whether or not he is fit to be CJ. That's why it will make it much much easier either way when he takes the stand.

Dito ko lang naintindihan na tama pala yung Supreme Court noong sinabi nila na yun trial judge kita niya yung demeanor ng witness. Halimbawa kanina, pinaguusapan yung sa mga Tulfo at mga Santiago. Iba kung kaharap sila dito tapos isa isa mong tatanungin. I think lalabas tayo na more or less may judgement ka kung sino may sala. Pero yung napapanood mo lang sa TV, kahit sabihin mong may video, ang hirap hirap humusga ng tama.

KD: Political party affiliation. Will that be a factor?

ASC: It's not and it shouldn't.

KD: Survey?

ASC: Hindi rin. Noong lumaban kami kay GMA we didn't know it was going to be popular. I think you have to do the right thing. Remember, surveys are a snapshot of what is happening now. But that doesn't mean na pag sinunod mo yun at mali ka, hindi ka paparusahan ng tao. So more of discerning what is the right thing to do rather than what is popular.

Hipokrito ako kung sasabihin kong hindi ko tinitingnan o hindi ako apektado. But it shouldn't make the decision. Kaya nga sila nagelect ng leader. Hindi para sundin lahat ng gusto ng tao at any point in time kung hindi para gumawa ng tamang desisyon.

Kung survey lang din ang susundin, wag na kaming magbotohan at sa survey nalang tayo.

(TOPIC: Possibilities in the 2013 Midterm elections)

KD: You're running again in 2013 but Pia is not. The question is, who will NP ally with? LP or UNA?

ASC: Or will we run independently?

KD: Yes. It will be you, Cynthia Villar and Robert Ace Barbers so far for NP.

ASC: Yes. The reality of politics will always come into any equation. But allow us to be also idealistic. Kasi pinag-uusapan na agad ang UNA at LP. Ang tinatanong namin, ano ba ang programa, ano ba ang issue, ano ba ang platform nila?

We feel honored, don't get me wrong. I thank the Liberal Party. I thank VP Binay and UNA for inviting us. Pero anong mangyayari kung sama sama tayo kapag eleksyon ngunit pagkatapos ng eleksyonat pagdating sa Senado, kanya kanya na naman yung mga senador?

So can't we start by talking about our assessment of the Aquino administration? Midterm kasi, 2013. Ano ba ang direksyon? Ano ba ang programang pwede tayong magsama-sama? Before we talk about vehicles for politicians to be elected, can we talk about the relevance of political parties?

Kasi dati pag midterm, gusto lahat ng tumatakbo sa administration para di ka dayain. Di ba automated na tayo ngayon? Pangalawa, ay para sa resources. Now the case is different. In fact, kapag gumamit ka ng resources ng government, magagalit kaagad tao. Makukunan ka sa cellphone o matTwitter ka. Right now, it's about being accessible, being on the news, having resources for your ads.

Pangatlo, sabi nung iba, tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Problema ang hindi ka in control ng labing dalawang tumatakbo . Halimbawa, pareho kong kaibigan sina Koko at Migz, pero issue nga sa kanilang dalawa ang past election. Hindi maseparate din ni Koko yung issue of the past maski walang personalan yung dalawa.

I'm not saying na hindi kami makikipag-coalition o papayag mag guest candidate. Kasi sa ngayon, minority kami. Sabi ko nga, lahat ngayon nag-aagawan sa administration dahil mabango sila. Next year, 2013, chances are mabango pa rin. Paano kung bumaligtad? Baka sila ang nag-uunahang sumama sa amin sa oposisyon.

At this point in time, we're talking but we'd like to know the direction of the government from 2013 to 2016 at kung ano yung role namin doon.

(TOPIC: Being misquoted: 'I didn't say categorically na pag natalo si Corona, ganito ang mangyayari')

KD: Now you have said in an interview with the Philippine Star, I'm reading it right now, that the outcome of the impeachment trial will affect political movement in the next few months. But did you say this, "If Corona is convicted, there is a possiblility that Binay will lose the electoral race."?

ASC: No. Yung pangalawa muna. When we were talking in a round table to launch an IT project sa jails, tinatanong nila ako tungkol sa mga analysis ni former Sen. Maceda at nung iba. So I said, yun yung sinasabi nung iba kung bakit lumalabas na si VP Binay ay para kay Corona. But I said I have no information if that's true and it's not that simple. But I didn't say categorically na pag natalo si Corona, ganito ang mangyayari.

I have deep respect for the Presidential Electoral Tribunal. It's more complicated than that. There are some political analysts who are saying that it's that simple. Na kapag andiyan siya at protektado si Binay at pag wala siya, it will sway towards Mar. As I said, that's a simplistic view of how all of these things work. But automated na tayo, that's why hindi eksakto yung quote.

Ngayon doon sa sinasabi kong outcome, yes. Why? Kunwari, inimbita ka ng LP to join them tapos ang boto mo is to acquit, alangan naman na gusto ka pa nilang kasama.

KD: Yun ay praktikal.

ASC: Yung realistic lang yung sinasabi ko. Halimbawa, sasabihin mo sa UNA sama ako pero ginuest ako ng LP, payag din ako. Baka sabihin naman nilang choose one. Dapat isa lang, hindi pwedeng dalawa.

So that's what I was saying then that I think the major decisions will be made after the impeachment. Lastly, what I said din na hindi lumabas, bad taste kasi na namumulitika ka na na dapat concentrated ka pa dito sa impeachment as a judge.

Imagine if judges were campaigning in this country. When you campaign kasi, may give and take. That's a fact. Alam mo naka-ilang absent ako sa mga kaganapan sa palasyo lalo na sa mga diplomatic tours at active ako sa mga ganyan locally and internationally for perception.

Kahit na ang mesa namin ay malayo sa mesa ng presidente na kahit hindi ko naman siya nakakausap, kapag dumaan mamaya at nakunan ka ng picture baka sabihin may pinagusapan kayo.

That's why I don't blame the VP that he has to do it. In LP, they have to do it. But kami, dadalawa nalang kami ni Sen. Villar nasa Senado pa pareho, kapag pumili agad, mabibigyan ng kulay. Let's say if we announce na sasama kami sa LP, may magsasabi na alam na namin ang boto nila sa impeachment. O kung sa UNA na kami, paano kung acquittal yung boto namin. Sasabihin nila yun ang gusto ni VP.

It's unfair to the president and to the VP. Kaya sabi ko, kung baga sa ligawan, huwag muna yung matamis naming oo. Tapusin muna namin ito. Pero thank you sa imbitasyon.

-end of First Segment of interview- (Commercial Break)


KD: Will the extended impeachment hearing last up to 10pm?

ASC: 36 days na, 180 hours na on the average, binibilang ko. Although it's very, very important for our country, nariyan pa rin ang issue ng kakulangan ng trabaho, oil price hike, power crisis. Important issues din 'yan.

Actually, kung matutuloy man 'yung 9-10 pm, ang intention ay matapos kami ng last week of May. Because we need a few days before we write our decision. Magkakaroon din kami ng break sa June 7, at ayaw namin na lumagpas pa kami doon.

(TOPIC: Lessons from the Impeachment)

KD: What have you learned so far? When you look at the Clinton impeachment trial, it was 3 months in the committee before it got to the impeachment court, and in the impeachment court, it was 2 weeks. They set three witnesses, prosecution spoke, defense spoke, and then they decided. With this impeachment, it's like the prosecution went so far, they were digging up people and evidence while on trial. You know what I mean?

ASC: So many lessons. There are so many things that could have been done better. But there are so many things also that are happening.

For example, the first Aquino administration was known for people power, people participation, and good governance. Ngayon,kung iisipin, ang tunay na people's participation ay through Facebook and Twitter, and everything's being streamed live online, ABS-CBN, ANC, and the other stations.

So there are some things that could have been done better, but there also things that are being done well. And whether you're for or anti Corona, after GMA's cases, and with what Pres. Erap faced before, whether you are for or against them, it somehow shows a semblance of accountability.

So one thing I've learned is really that you have to do good and there are no excuses to that.

KD: Looking back, should the Senate have decided on rules like for the prosecution, they can only be given a month, and the same for the defense? If you need more time than that, sorry. There has to be some kind of discipline.

ASC: On hindsight naman talaga, maraming kailangang baguhin. Kaya lang, tao lang din kami. Tingnan ninyo, during the time of Pres. Marcos, minsan, pinag-uusapan namin ni Sen. Bongbong 'yon. May impeachment din noon. Tapos may mga nangyayari pa sa Batasang Pambansa.

Pero tingnan naman ninyo noong panahon ni dating pangulong Arroyo, tulad ng pinag-uusapan namin ng mga kasama ko noon, sina Sen. Chiz Escudero, Sen. Guingona, Joel Villanueva, kahit ano ang tama o kahit ano ang nasa batas, kung ayaw ng mga kasama namin na ma-impeach ang president, hindi rin siya mai-impeach.

There's only so much you can do to put order. But if there's anything that disciplines the Philippine Senate, and the prosecution and defense, it's the media. Because the mere fact that we're under the public's eye, palaging kailangan mag-perform.

Tinatanong nga nila bakit hindi ako nagt-Twitter. Sabi ko naman, eh kasi grabe ang responsibility. Si Ate nagtetext lang, may nagpo-post na sa Twitter na "You shouldn't be texting habang nasa hearing".

The public eye and transparency is one of the keys to all of this.

KD: What will be discussed in the caucus?

ASC: Sen. Koko asked that we vote on the opening of the accounts. Possibly, some will say tingnan muna natin dahil baka ibigay na ng Ombudsman o ni Chief Justice Corona.

KD: But even if you vote to open the accounts, PS Bank has a TRO and they will not give it.

ASC: Kung sila lang ang source at kung susundin namin ang TRO nila. Kung hindi, we can hold them in contempt.

It will depend on the enforcement. Kaya 'yung mga bumoto na ayaw nilang labanan ang Supreme Court dito, ayaw nilang magkabanggaan kung sino ang mag-e-enforce. But actually, kung gusto naming i-enforce 'yon, may magagamit din naman kami mismo. Kaya lang baka ang banking system din natin ay tamaan. Kaya kailangan ibalanse lahat.

Number two, we'll be talking about the witnesses na sinubpoena, including the Ombudsman. 'Yung isa consideration pa dahil palagi nga kaming nauubusan ng oras diyan sa caucus dahil 12 noon-2 pm lang ang oras namin, pero baka pag-uusapan din siguro diyan kung paano bibilisan ang proceeding, pag-manage ng time. Para kung si Chief Justice na ang mag-appear.

Kasi May 14 na ngayon, so we only have two weeks to go. On one hand, hindi pwede i-rush ang defense dahil sasabihin nilang payagan sila dahil kailangan may due process. On the other hand, lahat naman ng leeway binibigay, tulad last week, hindi na kami nag-hearing ng Wednesday at Thursday dahil sa kanila. Hindi naman nila dapat gamitin 'yon para tumagal. Pero hindi ko sinasabing ginagamit nila, but I think, so far, 'yon ang mga issue.

There are always some smaller issues, pero maganda naman ang leadership, as far as the impeachment is concerned, ni Senate President Enrile, so usually, sinasagot na lang niya 'yung ibang issues.

KD: (Twitter Question) I asked you this already, but I will ask you again, how will you vote here?

ASC: May moral and legal considerations. I can tell you right now, napakabigat ng decision na ito.

KD: (Twitter Question) Someone asks, have you read the Inquirer article where Basa said Cristina Corona always won her cases?

ASC: I try not to read that much on the case kasi dapat kung ano lang ang nasa loob ng impeachment. Without commenting on the merits, that's why I said that the Senate and the other institutions are also on trial sa impeachment na ito.

One quick comment. At least sa kaso na ito, dahil president, Senate, at ang chief justice ang pinag-uusapan, everyday nag-he-hearing. Pero ilang daan o ilang libong ng ating mga kababayan na simpleng kaso lang, limang taon o sampung taon gumugulong ang kaso?

Madami tuloy ang nagtatanong kailangan ba na maging CJ kami para araw-araw ang hearing? I hope that this will spark some reform in the judicial system. And you can't blame the judges alone. Kasi minsan, ang mga abogado din ang may kasalanan, minsan, circumstances. But when you watch the TV shows ng America, in one week, two weeks, kumpleto 'yung hearing, siyempre gusto mo ng ganoong sistema din.

KD: (Twitter Question) Where have you been last week?

ASC: I was there last Monday, but I was just not feeling well last Tuesday so I watched via ANC.

KD: (Twitter Question) Someone asked, ano na ang nangyari sa alleged small lady? Nawala nang parang bula.

ASC: Hindi naman. Ang daming issues dito. Even 'yung sheriff, kung tama ang ginawa nila. Kaya lang, mauubos ang oras namin, at mada-divert kung 'yon ang titingnan. Ang trabaho namin to decide kung guilty o hindi si CJ, pero lahat ng ibang authorities�ang DOJ, and Ombudsman, ang korte�nanonood din dito. Kaya kung may nagkamali na iba doon, sila na ang bahala.

Even ang congress ay may ethics committee. Kaya kung may maling nagawa ang kahit sino, doon dapat sa venues na 'yon dalhin. I know some of them are big issues, and there are also some small ones, but we can't afford to be disrupted by these issues or else the impeachment trial will not end soon.

(Phl-China Territorial Dispute: not in every scenario China is Goliath, there is always the int'l community)

KD: (Twitter Question) Kim asks, I want to hear your comments on the alleged Chinese hackers hacking our sites. Do you consider this as something that adds tension to an already unstable relationship between the two countries?

ASC: Whatever you say and whatever you do, half will say na huwag mo nang paypayan ang apoy at tumahimik na lang para medyo maayos na ito. Half will ask naman, hindi ba tayo lalaban, or, hindi ba, mayroon nang travel advisory na huwag silang pumunta dito, 'yung mga saging natin na export, going bananas na, tapos sasabihin ng iba, hindi ba time na tayo naman ang mag-boycott sa produkto nila. Remember, we're importing more from them than we're exporting to them.

I'll be general na lang. This is the time na palakasin natin ang foreign policy natin.

And this is the time to know na hindi sa lahat ng pagkakataon, Goliath ang China. Nakita mo, ang isang maliit na mamamayan natin, through Twitter, through Facebook, and the media, can take on Goliaths in this government.

Pero hindi Goliath palagi ang China. Kasi may international community. There's also geo-politics and international politics also. That's why China is saying don't involve other people in our problem. Tayo na lang dalawa, kasi lamang sila doon. And that's why we're saying dalhin natin sa international body para may balance. So whether you're the guys saying let's not talk about it, let's settle down, or the guys saying toughen up, politicians, it goes back to a strong foreign policy.

Right now, when you ask what our foreign policy is, you're guess is as good as mine. But they have to articulate it. Ano ba ang foreign policy natin? Hindi sapat na sabihin na atin iyon. Kung atin 'yon, ano ang foreign policy natin?

KD: We do not have enough time, but Jack Chua says kudos to Sen. Cayetano. I trust him, he is for the truth, I will vote for him, I will campaign for him.

ASC: Please pray for us so that we will make the right decision...

(TOPIC: Amend SALN for more transparency & accountability, push for an Anti-Corruption Waiver for ALL government officials)

KD: Someone is asking, all that is indicated in the SALN could be opened for government officials. That's the purpose of the law. Otherwise, the SALN will be useless.

ASC: Hindi ko lang hawak ang copy ko, pero pinakita ko iyon doon sa impeachment. Ang nakalagay doon ay may waiver ka sa Ombudsman to open BIR records and other government records. Pero question mark if that includes private accounts.

Personally, 'yon nga ang gusto kong amendment sa law, na dapat whether appointed or elected, ang bank accounts mo, automatically pwedeng buksan ng Ombudsman. Para wala nang issue. Ngayon, kung magtatago ka ng pera, eh di parang noong unang panahon na sa ilalim ng kama mo. Hindi ka naman makakatulog nang mahimbing, o kung gagamit ka ng dummies, baka takbuhan ka.

Pinasa ang Bank Secrecy Law para maging legitimate na kumita at hindi itago ang pera sa bahay at magamit ng banking system. Hindi natin ginawa 'yon para ang mga corrupt ay makatulog nang mahimbing na ang pera nila ay nakapasok sa bangko.

So i-tweak na lang natin 'yung batas. Not by attacking the Bank Secrecy Law na kalaban mo pa 'yung iba sa banking industry. Ang I-tweak natin, 'yung SALN Law. Ilagay na natin doon na automatically, may waiver. Pero doon sa mga appointed, even without the law, pwedeng gawin ng president 'yon. Pwede niyang sabihin, I'll fire anyone of you who refuses to sign a waiver.

(TOPIC: Political Implications possible CJonTrial verdict)

KD: If this is going to be a factor to you, some people have discussed the balance of power. If you take out CJ Corona, then you put up an Aquino-appointed CJ. In effect, it will just be a different party. Do you subscribe to that? Is that a factor?

ASC: For the sake of political analysis, masarap siyang isipin at tingnan, pero sa Pilipinas talaga, ang power ay nasa pangulo at nasa media. 'Yon ang dalawang centers of power. Of course, andiyan din the Greater Being, God.

Ang sasabihin ko doon, as judges, hindi kami pwedeng masyadong malalim mag-isip. Kung ano ang batas at kung ano ang tama, 'yon lang dapat ang desisyon. Kasi kung mag-iisip ka pa ng politika at balance of power, ang iisipin mo sarili mong power.

Kasi ang importanteng balance sa politiko ay ang balance ng sarili niyang power, hindi ang balance ng power sa bansa. Because you will see things from your point of view. Kasi kung kalaban ka ng pangulo, balance of power. Kung kakampi ka, bigyan mo ako ng more power. Paano kung bukas kalaban ka naman? Hindi pwedeng hindi isipin. Pero ang problema, ano ba ang ebidensya, ano ba ang charge? Doon dapat ang paghuhusga. Kung hindi, bakit pa tayo nag-hearing? Eh di sana nag-desisyon na lang tayo kaagad.

KD: Thank you so much for coming.

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