Press Release
May 19, 2012


Senator Vicente C. Sotto III cautioned against the tendency of blaming the Filipina victim who charged an alleged Panamanian diplomat with rape.

"Colonial mentality is still with us. We believe a foreigner more than we believe a Filipina who made a sworn statement that she was raped and went through the hassle of filing a case in court. "If no rape transpired, why did the accused leave the country immediately?

Why did he get the Filipina drunk and smoke marijuana before the criminal act was committed? Does it mean that when Filipinas kiss, they are soliciting to be raped? Why did not the diplomat escort the Filipina to get a cab after the incident?

It is unfortunate that the whole system, the government, our own Departments of Foreign Affairs and Justice, and their offices, have joined the chorus against the victim rather than hear her story first. The CCTV showing the Filipina kissing the accused is not proof that no rape transpired in the room. She was assured that people were coming over to the room so there was nothing to worry about.

Would Panama have the same reaction if a Filipino was accused of rape in Panama?" Why did not the diplomat escort the Filipina downstairs and help her get into a cab if all was well?

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