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July 5, 2012

Drilon renews calls to move school opening to September

Senator Franklin M. Drilon today renewed calls, and at the same time asked his colleagues in the Senate, to study a proposed measure that moves the opening of classes from June to September to prevent class disruptions as a result of the rainy season.

"The new school year has just begun, yet we already experienced a cancellation of classes because of the bad weather condition which, based on past experiences, takes effect starting June- also the month that marks a fresh school year," said Drilon, who filed Senate Bill No. 2407 in 2010 that proposes to transfer the opening of the school year to September. Primarily, Drilon expressed concerns about the safety of the school going children and youth who choose to attend classes despite heavy rains and typhoons.

"It is always a source of concern for every parent whenever their sons and daughters leave their house premises - so as not to miss school - even if there are heavy rains and typhoons in the country," said Drilon.

"I, for one, have two grandchildren who are enrolled in school this year. The fact that they still attended classes last Tuesday when heavy rains flooded most part of Metro Manila gave me reasons to worry over their safety," he added.

He also noted that the months of June, July and August are peak months for devastating typhoons in the country. Thus, he expects that school suspensions will be more prevalent in the coming months.

The Drilon bill seeks to amend Section 24, Chapter 9, Title VI, Book IV of Executive Order No. 292 or the Administrative Code, which reads: "Section 24. School Year.--(1) The school year for public and private schools shall consist of not less than forty (40) weeks for the elementary and secondary levels, and thirty-six (36) weeks for the college level or eighteen (18) weeks a semester. 2) The opening date shall be fixed by the Secretary, but it shall not be earlier than the first day of June nor later than the last day of July of each year unless prevented by fortuitous events.

"If the school calendar is revised, our schoolchildren will be less exposed to the very adverse weather conditions, especially here in Metro Manila," he added.

He said if his proposal is passed, students and parents will be spared from the inconvenience and hazards of numerous typhoons entering the Philippines.

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