Press Release
July 11, 2012

Statement of Sen. Bongbong Marcos on Dolphy

Senator Marcos Remembers Dolphy

I had come to know Dolphy over many years that included frequent get-togethers during the campaign a couple of years ago. And like in millions of other homes, from when I was a young boy, he came into our living-room through the tube and almost magically, all other activity in the household came to a standstill for the duration of "Buhay Artista" and would resume normal activity only when the show had ended. It guaranteed I would have finished my school homework early on that day. And as I grew older and had gotten to meet him and know him, he always managed to bring an instant grin to my face the minute I saw him, whether in or out of the tube. As I grew older, I began to realize how many kernels of wisdom and truths were tucked into his jokes and his humor in general. "Buhay Artista" taught us "lost in translation" before we became aware of the term. John En Marsha mirrored our attitude towards material things, careers, character, love, life, while laughing our hearts out. Ultimately, through his craft, he taught us how to laugh at ourselves, our foibles and defects; and in real life, he taught us, by example, the value of dedication, loyalty, hard work, generosity, and striving to be the best in what one does which earned for himself, the title of "King of Comedy" of Philippine entertainment. His was a funny act as it is a hard act to beat. I've watched this man continually hone his craft as an artist but it is not only the comedian that I will miss, but the man I have also come to know as genuine, generous, humble, sincere, and a fine gentleman to boot. His demise is a loss to the entire nation and a personal sadness for me. Yet, I cannot help but grin as I remember him all through these past decades, precisely because that was his magic -- that at the mention of his name or the sight of him, he put an instant smile in all our faces. As an artist, as a Filipino, and as a human being, I give him a crisp salute; and as a friend, a big hug. He will be missed.

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