Press Release
July 23, 2012

Transcript of Interview of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

On Charter Change

Q: Sir, bakit isa sa mga priorities ng Senate ang Charter Change?

SP: We believe that is needed by the country. We must adopt a flexible policy than a very rigid one.

Q: Sir, paano po kung pang-term extension lang ito?

SP: It will not happen because the two House agreed and we will pass the resolution. You will see whether we are going to tinker with other provisions of the Constitution.

Q: How soon, sir, 'yung start nito?

SP: No, we are not talking about the time yet. We are going to discuss this with the President. He is the Chief Executive of the country and he's entitled to know and be informed.

Q: Sir, mayroon na kayong scheduled meeting with PNoy?

SP: Wala pa. Na kay Speaker Belmonte 'yan.

Q: Sir, nakausap niyo na 'yung mga colleagues niyo sa Senate? Marami na po bang gusto?

SP: Hindi. I'm not even discussing it with my colleagues in the Senate. Nakausap ko lang tungkol dito ay si Speaker at the Majority Floor Leader of the House.

Q: Pero sir, you will encourage the other senators to support this?

SP: Well, I have to discuss it with them. I cannot assume their concurrence but I will explain the thrust of our proposal.

On the priorities of the Senate

Q: Sir, may magagawa pa ba ang Senate considering na election year na next year, anim po sa inyo, mangangampanya na?

SP: Bakit wala? Marami pang panahon hanggang December, hanggang Enero.

Q: Sir, so RH Bill within this year nakikita niyo po bang maipapasa?

SP: Mahihirapan pa siguro tayong gustong magtanong about the bill sa plenary.

Q: Sir, so hindi pa this year?

SP: I don't know. It depends. We will leave it to the Senate.

Q: Ang FOI, sir?

SP: We will try to pass it.

On the SONA

Q: Sir, ano ang gusto niyo pong marinig sa SONA? Expectation niyo po?

SP: Wala. I'm not expecting anything. I know the President will discuss what he has accomplished and what he intends to do in the coming years.

Q: Can the President claim the impeachment trial as one of his victories? SP: It happened in his administration. He can claim anything during his watch.

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