Press Release
July 30, 2012


SENATOR Chiz Escudero has proposed a "PPP" solution to the worsening flood problem in Metro Manila and other parts of the country.

"We need to clean up our waterways, and we need to make sure that our waterways stay clean. Otherwise, we will continue to suffer flooding forever," Escudero said.

The senator chairs the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources.

"The best approach is a massive joint government-private sector initiative to address the perennial flood problem all over the country. This is the only way. Wala na dapat turuan o batuhan ng sisi. We have to get our acts together," he said.

Escudero made the call in the wake of heavy rains dumped by tropical storm "Gener" on Metro Manila and nearby areas on Sunday that forced local governments to conduct rescue operations in flooded areas.

The Department of Education and some LGUs also suspended classes and work.

"The task of solving the flood problem cannot be the responsibility of just one entity. We can earmark billions of pesos for dredging and other anti-flood activities, but it will not solve the problem. Ginawa na 'yan dati, at ilang administrasyon na ang nagdaan, pero andyan pa din ang baha," Escudero said.

"The components of massive flooding are really interconnected. So there has to be a comprehensive solution, whatever it will be," he noted.

Escudero said government agencies such as the DENR, MMDA and DPWH will have to work more closely with the private sector, including individuals, companies and NGOs, in hammering out an action plan to address flooding.

"We have no shortage of experts to tell us how to go about it. Neither do we have a shortage of private companies and citizens who are willing to help. So kapag itinahi-tahi natin lahat yan, I'm sure we can find a solution. Nagawa na ito sa ibang bansa, so it has been proven that flood mitigation is not an impossible dream," the senator added.

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