Press Release
August 9, 2012


We condole with the thousands of families throughout Metro Manila and Luzon who lost loved ones and homes, and who suffered immensely due to the devastating rains and flooding.

This has been the second such massive devastation in three years. Then as in now, the Filipinos' generosity, unity, and strong civic spirit shone through. We laud the heroes, everyone who risked life and limb, to rescue those in danger.

We call on the national and local governments to complement the resilience of our people with the resilience of our cities. We have been spending more on relief and rehabilitation rather than on long-term solutions that will reduce our risks and vulnerabilities--and prevent such disastrous impacts from happening again.

When we deliberate on the national budget for next year, we will scrutinize the government's disaster management plan. We expect it--and will require it--to be anchored on risk reduction, mitigation, and adaption.

If natural calamities such as this rampaging monsoon are indeed the "new normal", then the government ought to be implementing strategies it has not done so before.

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