Press Release
August 30, 2012

Senator Koko Pimentel: I am still PDP Laban President

I wish to deny the statement made by the spokesperson of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), Atty. JV Bautista, that I have filed a leave of absence as President of PDP Laban.

Such statement has no factual and legal basis.

I have not filed any leave of absence, whether verbal or written, and have no plan whatsoever to do so. No one has asked me to go on leave, except Atty. JV Bautista, who is a newcomer to the party. Even our Party Chairman Vice President Binay has not directly asked me to go on leave. I also do not feel any clamor from my party mates that I go on leave.

I want to believe that Atty. JV Bautista was just making a personal suggestion when he issued that statement.

Furthermore, the constitution and by-laws of our Party do not give any person or group of persons the power to force an officer of the Party to go on leave.

I strongly urge my party mates in PDP Laban to unite. We can find a solution to our problems without dividing the party. Instead of wasting our time issuing baseless statements and responding to false information, we can discuss this and find common ground.

For instance, I have already inhibited myself months ago from (UNA) coalition matters. I will continue to do so, especially when we get to the campaign period. I have in fact requested our Party Executive Vice President Joey de Venecia to handle all "coalition issues". I can and will continue to handle all "party but non-coalition matters".

I have been a member of the PDP Laban since 1982 and have invested my time, energy, resources, talent, sweat, tears, and blood in the Party, hence, I cannot just turn my back on my responsibilities as Party President. We have other work to do aside from campaigning, like membership expansion and chapter establishment, livelihood programs, continuing education of members, and other non-election matters that I have to attend to.

I call on my party mates to help me strengthen PDP Laban by continuously adhering to its five basic principles.

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